The Kenko 10mm + 16mm Extension Tube Set for Sony E-Mount is engineered to provide creative flexibility, allowing closer focus on a subject than its standard minimum focal distance.

This is achieved by mounting a single or both tubes between the camera body and lens in order to extend the distance between the lens and image sensor, thus forcing the lens to focus much closer than normal.

Containing no optics, this tube set has the power to convert most lenses into macro lenses without optical quality degradation and is a cost effective solution for the budget conscious macro photographer.

Compatible with Sony E-Mount and FE-Mount Cameras.
Mount Available Sony E-Mount
Specification 10mm 16mm
Diaphragm coupling Perfect coupling
TTL.EE metering Perfect coupling
Length of tubes 10mm 16mm
Diameter of tubes 61.5mm
Weight 44g 65g

* Specifications subject to change by the manufacturer without notice

10mm Kenko DG Extension Tube for Sony E-Mount
16mm Kenko DG Extension Tube for Sony E-Mount


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