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Portable Teleprompter Desview T3 for Smartphones, Tablets, and DSLR Cameras: Vertical and horizontal shooting is now possible, as well as larger tablet sizes.

Designed for smartphones, tablets, and DSLR cameras, the Desview T3 Teleprompter gives your mobile footage a more professional look and feel. The T3 will enable you to live broadcast either using a mobile phone or a DSLR camera. Teleprompter will help the speaker read the script whilst facing the camera. This makes for very professional videos/ reviews. vlogs etc making sure the person on the screen sticks to the script. A vey handy remote controller helps scroll down the script.


Designed to shoot with DSLR/Smartphone and support Smartphone/Tablet Prompting ( under 11") to control the font size and color of lines.

Supports filming in horizontal and vertical modes to meet requirements for various online and social platforms including TikTok.

Supports live streaming, with more and more tutorials, classes, live music and workshops happening online. The T3 provides great support to keep to the script when addressing the audience.

Support wide angle lens: Support shooting with wide angle not less than 35mm.

Teleprompter with reflective mirror: High light transmittance, reducing the influence for the shooting. Single-sided high reflective mirror, making the prompter more clearly.

Lens adapter ring: standard 49/52/55/58/62/67/72/77mm lens adapter ring.

Support IOS and Android App (Android smartphone can scan the QR code card in the package to download the APP,IOS user please search ''DESTVIEW'' on app store to download app.)

Equipped with four cell phone shooting EVA makes filming even more efficient.

Size: Approx. 213.9x95.0x170.9 mm.

Mirror Size: 194.45x140.44 mm.

Method to use:First install the suitable adapter ring on camera.Open the bottom cover of the teleprompter.Put the smartphone on the bottom cover.You are ready to record.

  • T3 Teleprompter (62mm adapter)
  • Teleprompter remote
  • Adapter rings: 49mm/ 52mm/ 55mm/ 58mm/ 67mm/ 72mm/ 77mm/ 82mm
  • Tablet clamp
  • Carry Case


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