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Finding The Right Tripod

More often than not, after getting to know our cameras better, one of the first pieces of gear we find ourselves in want of is the humble tripod. For a lot of people, tripods ...

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Everything You Need to Start a Vlog

What’s a “vlog” you say? It’s a portmanteau of “video blog” and if you’ve ever been to YouTube, you’ve definitely seen one. It’s a bit of a household term these days ...

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Packing for your next Photographic Holiday

There is a lot to consider when planning your gear list for an upcoming holiday. What gear is essential? What would be good to have? And what could you really do ...

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Why do we fear Friday the 13th?

We had fun discussing Friday the 13th at DCW over the weekend. There is the familiar tone of ‘fear of the dark’ in the back of our minds, while some sidestepped cracks in ...

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What's in my bag?

#whatsinmybag is an easy question to answer for most photographers. Why is it there though? That's a little harder, and often tells some of the tale of the photographer ...

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