Shoe Mount Adapters

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ATF Cold Shoe Mount Adapter – 2 Pack

  • Converts 1/4-inch Socket to Cold Shoe Mount
  • Attach Accessories to a Camera Cage or Rig
  • Includes M2.5 Threaded Holes of Security
  • Sunken Counterbore Screw Hole
  • Pack includes Two Sets of Mounts & Tools


3 Axis Hot Shoe Spirit Level

  • Ideal for Landscape, Architecture and Studio Photographers
  • Delivers Perfectly Straight Horizons
  • Measures Tilt and Roll Axis
  • Made from Tough Acrylic
  • Works in Landscape or Portrait Orientation
  • Compatible with all Standard Camera Hot Shoe Mounts


ATF Hot Shoe Ball Head

  • 1/4-inch Socket and Hot Shoe Adapter
  • 1/4-inch Thread at Base
  • Suits Tripods, Monopods and More
  • Compact Modern Design
  • Convenient Single-Action Lever
  • Complete 360ø Range of Movement
  • Supports Portrait and Landscape Orientation
  • 3kg Load Capacity


Cold or hot shoe adapters allow you to mount a variety of camera accessories such as microphone, LED light, external monitor, and more to your camera, camera rigs or cages.