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Our comprehensive range of lens filters and lens accessories will help take your photography to the next level. Lens filters, lens hoods and lens caps will improve your photographic results and protect your gear from damage.
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Unlock Infinite Creativity With Lens Filters

One of the most misunderstood and misused, yet most important, camera accessories is the lens filter. When purchasing precision camera lenses, it's essential to take a moment to consider how to boost the capabilities of even the most basic lens. Lens filters enhance the optical performance, clarity and capability of camera lenses to achieve stunning visuals every time. At Digital Camera Warehouse, we stock the very best brands of lens filters from NiSi, Hoya and Cokin creative filter system lenses. 

Have you heard of NiSi filters Australia? NiSi filters are available for every lens size and every creative genre of photography and videography. Even if you don't want to use creative filters, do yourself a favour and grab a NiSi UV lens filter. A UV lens filter is like an insurance policy as it protects the precious fixed front element of your expensive lens from bumps, cracks and grime. 


Master Landscape Photography With ND Filters

Elevate your landscape photography game and achieve stunning images every time with an ND filter or variable ND filter. One of the greatest challenges faced by landscape photographers is achieving perfect exposure. The contrast and dynamic range between the landscape and the ultra-bright skyline are tricky to manage. However, with an ND or Graduated ND filter, you'll achieve perfect exposure across the entire frame. Highlights will be pushed back, and shadow areas will reveal their stunning details. Each ND filter is rated to control exposure by a set number of light stops that allow you to work with slower shutter speeds for creative outcomes. 

At Digital Camera Warehouse, we understand the needs of landscape photographers - many of our staff enjoy the genre on their time off. As a result, we have the knowledge and range of ND filters to suit every lens. The 67mm ND filter and the 77mm ND filter are two of the most sought after filter sizes. The filter thread is common in wide and ultra-wide-angle lenses, making them ideal for your next landscape photography adventure. If you're working with bodies of water, don't forget a circular polarizing filter to cut through reflective highlights. 


Achieve The Ultimate Exposure With Lens Filters

The next time you head online or in-store at Digital Camera Warehouse to grab a new lens, stop to consider a single filter or complete filter system. If you're having trouble finding the right filter thread to suit your specialty lens, take a look at the full range of step-up ring accessories to make the match. Photography is all about exposure control, and there is no simpler way to achieve stunning visuals every time than with lens filters.