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Who We Are - DCW

At Digital Camera Warehouse, we’re not just a specialist photographic retailer. We’re also actual photographers, photography enthusiasts, snapshot-takers, newbies, and just plain old lovers of beautiful stories.

You know the excitement (and frustration) of trying to capture the perfect moment? Yeah, we get it.

We’ve been operating since 2001, back when digital photography was just a baby. With 19 years of experience behind us, we definitely know a thing or two. Right from the start, we’ve taken great pride in our high standard of service, efficient delivery, and exceptional product and technical knowledge.

With stores in Sydney and one in both Melbourne and Brisbane, we’re here to help you find what you’re looking for, whether that’s your next camera or your next spark of inspiration.

Our Story - DCW

Like so many other businesses out there, DCW came from humble beginnings. It all started with the search for a reasonably priced memory card. That’s it. We couldn’t find it, so we made it happen for ourselves. Shortly after, we made the decision to start helping others find what they were looking for, too. Ever since then, we’ve been striving to make things happen for our customers and friends alike.

This story also forms the basis for our core values, all of which are things we’ve learned in 19 years of business.

Our Values - DCW


At some point, you’ve either heard or said the phrase “a fair go”. It’s an Aussie favourite, after all, and we’re no different. From the beginning, we’ve looked at fairness to help guide what we do.

From fair prices, to fair opportunities, and fair resolutions.


Our team is made up of many wonderful, different individuals and that’s given us big perspective. We’re people, we’re photographers, and we’re consumers, just like you. We understand your concerns and frustrations, right along with your excitement and anticipation for cool new products.

We work hard to make sure that, when you reach out to us, you feel heard


We are incredibly proud to provide a diverse, accepting, and inclusive environment where both our customers and our team members can feel safe shopping and working. DCW is a judgement-free zone! We’re here to help, no matter who you are, whether you’re a seasoned professional or a fresh-faced photographer just getting started.

Storytelling is such an important and personal endeavour for all of us. Every journey is unique and every vision is special. We all see things differently and being able to recognise and share those experiences is what makes photography so incredible.

We truly believe that photography is for everyone.