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Ilford Ilfostop Stop Bath (500ml)

  • Suitable for B&W Film and Paper
  • Stops Activity of Developer
  • Prolongs Life of Fixer Solution
  • For Dish/Tray processing
  • Minimal Odour
  • Works with RC and Fibre Based Paper
  • Changes Colour when Exhausted


Paterson Mixing Jug 2L

  • 2L Mixing Jug for Photographic Chemicals
  • Moulded Handle Provides Firm Grip
  • Chemical Resistant Polypropylene Construction
  • Graduated in Metric/Imperial/US Scales


Paterson Colour Thermometer 12 inch

  • Designed for Colour Processing
  • 30cm Length
  • Centigrade and Fahrenheit Scale
  • High Accuracy with 0.5ø Increments
  • Suitable for All Photo Development Processes
  • Plastic Storage Case Included