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Are you looking for a Canon battery or Canon battery charger? Digital Camera Warehouse stocks a wide range of models to suit Canon cameras. Plus we have AC adapters, batteries and battery chargers for Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Panasonic, Fujifilm and more.
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Hahnel Duo USB Traveller Charger

  • Charges 2 USB Devices Simultaneously
  • 3 Times More Powerful than its Predecessor
  • 2.1A & 1.0A USB Output Current for Tablets, Smartphones & Other Devices
  • International Compatible Plugs Included (UK,EU,USA and AU plugs)
  • Lightweight & Ultra-compact
  • Ideal for Business & Travel


DJI Phantom 4 USB Charger

  • Use DJI Intelligent Flight Batteries as Power Banks
  • Recharges USB Devices like Smartphones
  • Connect to Batteries with 10 PIN-A or 2 PIN to DC Power Cable
  • Cables are Required for Use and Sold Separately


Take Your Creative Dream Further With Batteries & Power

All the very best toys require batteries - why should your cameras and lighting gear be any different? There's nothing worse than being partway through a job or leisurely shoot when your camera runs out of juice. That's why, at Digital Camera Warehouse, we stock a full range of camera batteries, button batteries, accessory batteries and power supply essentials. 

In terms of brand compatibility, we have a battery for every major camera brand, including Sony, Nikon, Canon, DJI, Samsung, Olympus, GoPro and even Fujifilm battery options. If you're looking for a tiny button battery or a Jupio alternative for your Sony mirrorless camera, we stock it! We also stock and highly recommend the hugely popular Panasonic battery range Eneloop.


Comprehensive Range of Camera Batteries At Affordable Prices

Replacing batteries or grabbing a couple of extra batteries for your camera bag is a wise investment. Fortunately, there's a range of branded and third-party camera batteries available at an affordable price. So if you're looking for a replacement Canon battery or a couple of extra Nikon D3500 battery packs, you won't break the bank. 

Not all cameras and accessories run on specific battery types. Many on and off-camera flash units, wireless triggers and light meters require rechargeable Panasonic Eneloop batteries that are reliable and keep you shooting for longer. So let's not forget about the powerful yet humble AA battery or the range of rechargeable AA batteries too.   


Essential Camera AC Adapters and Battery Charges 

These days, not all kits include an AC adapter for camera power management. However, if you're shooting all day in a studio and need a reliable power source, that's exactly what you need. Alternatively, you may be on the hunt for a Canon camera battery charger or a Panasonic video battery charger. 

At Digital Camera Warehouse, we stock a wide range of reliable Maha AC adapters and Nitecore battery chargers fit for purpose. We also have many fast AA battery charger options to keep your speedlights topped up and ready to go. Head in-store, online, or talk directly with us via our online chat platform today.