Lens Firmware Mounts

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Sigma USB Dock (UD-01) - Canon/Nikon Mount

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  • Update Lens Firmware for Future Enhancements
  • Adjust Focusing, Focusing Speed1 and Optical Image Stabiliser1 Settings
  • Compatible with Sigma Art, Contemporary and Sport Line Lenses Featuring a Nikon F and Canon EF Mount

    1ÿFunction available for Sport Line lenses only.

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Tamron TAP-in Console

  • Compatible with Select Tamron Lenses
  • Update Lens Firmware
  • Compatible with Mac and PC Computers
  • Modify Autofocus Performance, Focus Limits
  • Customise Vibration Control, and Manual Focus Speed

From $189.00

The Lens Firmware Mounts like Tamron Tap-In Console and Sigma USB Dock enables you to connect your lenses to your computer in order to update firmware and optimise your lens performance and compatibility with newer cameras.