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Let Digital Camera Warehouse brighten up your day! When it comes to Lighting and Studio equipment, we’ve got you sorted. We offer a huge range of flashes and speedlights, strobes, LED lighting and studio lighting gear at the best prices.
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Cactus Wireless Flash Transceiver V6 II for Sony

  • Dedicated for Sony devices
  • Transmitter and Receiver Combo
  • 2.4GHz Radio Frequency with 100m Range
  • Supports 16 Channels and 4 Groups
  • High Speed Sync and Power Sync Modes
  • Multi-Master Mode for Multiple Photographers
  • Auto and Custom Manual Flash Profiles
  • TTL-Pass Though Hot-Shoe and 3.5mm Sync Port


Lume Cube Creative Lighting Kit V2

  • One Lume Cube 6000K Light 
  • 1 to 1500-Lumen Dimmable Output
  • Strobe Capability for Still Photo Work
  • Integrated Battery
  • Bluetooth Smartphone Control
  • Waterproof to 30m
  • Smartphone Clip with 1/4"-20 Thread
  • Modification Frame, 2 x CTO Gels
  • 3 x Diffusers, Diffusion Bulb


LEDGO Luxpad E268C LED Lighting Twin Kit

  • Adjustable Bi-Colour 2165 Lumen LED Light
  • 3200k-5600k Colour Temperature Range
  • Adjustable Brightness
  • WiFi Enabled with Digital Controls
  • Colour Rendering Index Rating: 95
  • AC or Sony NP-F Style Battery Powered
  • Includes Light Stands, Batteries, and Chargers
  • Carry Case Included


Tether Tools Rock Solid Pony "A" Clamp – 2 inch

  • Jaw Opening: 2" (5cm)
  • Non-reflective Black
  • Ideal clamp pressure for light clamping and speedy application and removal
  • Nickel plated steel jaws
  • Heavy-duty tempered steel springs
  • Polyvinyl handles and tips
  • Point-of-pressure remains near jaw


ATF The Saurus Gooseneck Mount

  • Capture Awkward & Unique Angles
  • Compatible with GoPro HERO Action Cameras
  • Flexible yet Firm Goose Neck Mount
  • Doubles as a Stability Grab Handle
  • Attaches your GoPro to Flat or Curved Surfaces
  • Industrial Strength Waterproof Adhesive



Celly Click Light

Hot Price. While Stocks Last!
  • Clip on Design
  • Compatible with Smartphones & Tablets
  • Adjustable Light Tone
  • 10 LED Lights


ATF Tripod Mount Kit for GoPro

  • Attach a GoPro to a Tripod
  • Attach a GoPro to any Accessory Featuring a 1/4 -20 Thread
  • Compatible with All GoPro HERO Cameras
  • Includes Standard Tripod Mount and Quick Release Tripod Mount


Best Studio Lighting Kits For Photographers and Videographers


If photography and videography is the pursuit of light to tell compelling stories, then you need to rethink your lighting game today. While the dynamic range of current-generation cameras is impressive, it will never capture what the naked eye can see. To achieve stunning, correctly exposed visuals, you need to look into a photography studio lighting kit

The range of studio lights available at Digital Camera Warehouse is seriously impressive as we stock the major brands and every conceivable style of light. LED studio lights are the next generation gear you need to add a little light to your next product shoot or a lot of light to your videography production. So if you're looking for daylight-balanced LED panels, off-camera flash heads, strobes, or RGB tubes, we've got you covered. 


Find Reflectors, Softboxes and Other Lighting Accessories

Aside from the brilliant selection of studio lights, the range of available light modifiers and lighting accessories is staggering. Digital Camera Warehouse offers the most competitively priced pro-grade reflectors, softboxes, and other lighting accessories for professional outcomes. Our expert support will ensure that you get the best light tent, light reflector, speedlight softbox lighting kit and ring light with stand for your next photography or videography assignment. 

The best light modifiers don't have to break the bank! You can achieve stunning and well-exposed outcomes with a single photography reflector and a little natural light. The differences will be like night and day. Alternatively, a single off-camera flash, wireless trigger and light stand will make all the difference to your product shots. No matter the scale of your task, or the size of your budget, there's a comprehensive range of light modification tools to optimise your visual outcomes. 


A Huge Range of Flashes and Continuous LED Lights From Leading Brands

Any professional photographer or videographer will tell you that studio lights are essential to optimal visual outcomes. Gone are the days where a speedlight, off-camera flash or LED light required a second mortgage. Today, we proudly offer a huge range of flashes and continuous LED lights at affordable prices. As LED technology surges ahead, it's a no-brainer to consider an LED camera light, LED panel light or LED tube light for your next photoshoot, vlog or video production. 

Digital Camera Warehouse can help with our studio light range, service, and affordable prices no matter your lighting needs. Head in-store or jump online to chat with our friendly and professional service staff to discuss the best LED lights for room setups and studio spaces.