Bi-Colour Lighting

The Ledgo Luxpad E268C twin kit includes two LED panels with an adjustable temperature range from 3200k – 5600k. This allows you to easily adapt your lighting to fit your creative vision, from matching daylight, to warming things up or cooling them down.

Adjustable Brightness

Each of the panels has a built-in diffuser that results in beautifully soft lighting that helps reduce harsh shadows and highlights. The impressive 2165 Lumen brightness can be adjusted using the dimmer dial on the back of the unit, allowing you to fine-tune the look and feel of your final image.

High Colour Rendering Index Rating

A high Colour Rendering Index rating of 95 means the light can reproduce colours that are more true-to-life. This feature is especially great for shooting interviews or portraits, where it helps skin tones look a lot more natural. Better colours right out of the camera help cut down on your post processing time as well.

WiFi Enabled Controls

The lights are compatible with a separately available LEDGO 2.4Ghz WiFi adapter that allows you to control multiple lights from your compatible smart device. If you’re looking for an easy way to remotely adjust your lights, this is the way to go.

Battery or AC Power

Dual power options give you some excellent flexibility in terms of where and when you can set-up. If you’ll be working on location, the lights can be powered with four included NP-F style batteries. When you have access to mains power, the lights can be plugged in using the adapters. The adapters also have handy built-in clamps so they can be attached to light stands and kept off the floor.

Carry Bag and Accessories Included

The LEDGO Luxpad E268 LED twin kit is a real powerhouse tool for all kinds of photographers. The two included light stands are perfect for more long-term set-ups, while the two Luxpad handles make it easy to stay mobile. In one handy, custom fit carry case, it includes everything you need to set-up a basic studio and get shooting fast.

Light Brightness Control

2.4G Wifi, and Dimmer

CRI Rating


Colour Temperature

3200K-5600K (adjustable)


2165 Lumens



Power Options

15V 3A adapter, or

Sony Style NP-F550, 750, or 970 Batteries


350 x 240 x15MM



* Specifications subject to change by the manufacturer without notice

  • 2 x LEDGO Luxpad E268C Colour adjustable LED panels
  • 2 x LEDGO compact 1.8m folding light stands
  • 2 x AC adaptors
  • 2 x AC adaptor Light stand mounts
  • 4 x NPF550 batteries
  • 2 x NPF battery chargers
  • 2 x Luxpad handles
  • 1 x LEDGO Padded travel bag


* Dispatch timeframes are indications only and may vary for multiple quantities. Timeframes are updated regularly during normal business hours.