5 Different Lighting Modifiers

The Xlite 5 in 1 reflector gives you five different ways to modify your light sources in one convenient little set! This means you’ll always have the right modifier for the job, whether you’re in studio, or out shooting on location, making it a true must-have accessory for any photographer!

Light Softening Diffuser

Forming the base of the Xlite reflector set is the humble light diffuser. Made from a soft, semi-transparent white material, it can be held in front of your light source to soften harsh bright spots and reduce unsightly shadows for lovely and natural looking images.

Reversible Reflector Cover

A single reversible cover zips easily around the diffuser and gives you four modifying options: silver, white, gold, and black. Reflective silver gives you a cool, yet strong light bounce. White offers a softer, more natural bounce to fill in shadows. Use the reflective gold panel for a strong bounce with much warmer tones and finally, the black side can be used to cut light bounce and shape shadows.

Portable Twist Fold Design

Made form strong, lightweight, and flexible materials, the Xlite 5-in-1 reflector folds down incredibly small, making it easy to store and transport. The twist-fold design also makes for impressive deployment, popping out and into shape almost instantly, meaning you’re ready to go fast!


Yes, base layer


Silver, White, Gold, Black

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Xlite 5-in-1 Reflector Set – 105cm


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