Barndoors, Snoots & Grids

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Lume Cube Snoot for Lume Cube

  • Add a Snoot to Your Lume Cube Light
  • Control Light Shape and Direction
  • Shrinks Lighted-Area Diameter
  • Connects to Light Quickly via Magnets
  • Needs Modification Frame or Light House


Elinchrom Snoot plus 10° Grid #26061

  • Genuine Elinchrom 10ø Grid for Controlled Spot Light
  • Used without Snoot Grid Provides Hard Shadow Effect
  • Honeycomb Grids Delivers Sharp, Concentrated Light Source
  • Grids Fits with clips to Interior Of The Snoot


LitraPro Barn Doors

  • For LitraPro LED Light
  • Durable Metal Doors
  • Easy Snap-On Installation
  • Control Light Spill and Direction
  • Folding Design for Easy Storage


Aputure Aamaran Spotlight SE 36° Lens Kit

  • Compact 36° Projection Lens
  • Compatible with 150c/300c Monolights
  • Works with Bowens Fixtures up to 300W
  • Even Edge-to-Edge Light Distribution
  • Custom Precision Optics
  • Quick Focus Adjustments
  • Durable All-Metal Construction
  • Optional 18-Leaf Iris Accessory