The ATF Little Buddy is a convenient machine washable cleaning cloth with a useful built in carry pouch. It is the perfect sidekick for photographers of all levels who want to keep their gear clean and ensure it functions properly.

Cleans Lenses, Cameras and more

Designed to easily remove fingerprint grease, smudges, and dirt from lenses, LCD screens, televisions, computer monitors, and camera bodies, the Little Buddy is a great chemical free option for keeping your kit clean.

Microfibre Material

The Little Buddy is constructed out of a microfibre material so it is ultra absorbent and effective for all cleaning purposes. Microfibre doesn’t leave any lint or residue making it ideal for cleaning high end optical equipment like lenses and cameras.

100% Machine Washable

It is super easy to clean the Little Buddy simply toss it in the washing machine in hot or cold water and once it dries out it will be refreshed and ready to help you battle against smudges, dust and finger oil.

Built-in Carry Pouch

The whole cloth packs into an attached carry pouch which protects the Little Buddy from getting dirty while reducing the space it takes up in your bag, purse or pocket.

Metal Carabiner

The Little Buddy also features a metal carabiner to securely attach it to a belt loop, or bag so it can easily accompany you whether you’re on location shooting in the wilderness or just playing around at home.

Perfect Gift for Photographers

The After the Fact Little Buddy is a great present for photographers of any level. When it comes to maintaining a clean camera setup to help you capture smudge free shots, you can always be sure the Little Buddy will be close to hand.



Machine Washable


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ATF Little Buddy Microfibre Cleaning Cloth


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