Prevents Gear Tipping Over

Our generic canvas sandbags offer great peace of mind for your expensive photographic equipment. Suitable for studio or on-location usage, sandbags can be used to weigh down light stands, tripods and backdrops to minimise the risk of your equipment being blown away or tipping over.

Delivers Additional Stability

Measuring approximately 50cm x 25cm, they feature two compartments to allow you to fold the sand bag over tripod legs to additional stability. Its design enables you to drape the sandbag over various objects such as light stand legs, or lay it flat to hold backdrops in place.

Double Zipper Design

The double zipper design is a thoughtful inclusion, ensuring their contents won’t accidently spill during usage or transportation. The interior pockets feature a sealed coating to ensure what ever you choose to weight it with will not seep through the inner lining. Sand is ideal, but the hard-wearing canvas construction is sturdy enough to handle weights, rocks or pea gravel too.

Easy Grab Handle

A grab handle at the top can be used on for easy carrying, or double as a hook point for added stability when paired with professional tripods.

High Visibility Design

The bright orange striped design of our Generic Sandbags are intentionally attention grabbing, minimising the risk of tripping or injury in your studio or when shooting on-location. Available in 4 packs

Note: Sand is not included.

Dimensions (LxW)

Approx 50cm x 25cm

* Specifications subject to change by the manufacturer without notice

Generic Sandbag


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