The X-Rite ColorChecker Passport Video is a pocket-sized colour calibration tool that allows you to quickly and set your cameras settings for colour-balanced and perfectly exposed footage. With a choice of four target charts the Passport Video ensures you can correctly set your white balance, focus, and exposure before shooting and record a colour reference to speed up the colour grading of your footage. The ColorChecker Passport streamlines your shooting and editing workflows, helps you to balance footage from different cameras, and allows you to achieve consistent, repeatable results.

4-in-1 Target Charts

With four different target charts, the ColorChecker Passport Video allows you to manage the white balance, focus, and exposure settings of your camera as well as providing a calibration tool for colour grading in post-production. Whether you use all the charts or just one, you will notice the benefit of a faster, easier workflow with improved editing flexibility.

Video Colour Target

Designed specifically for video productions, the video colour target card provides a palette to sample in video editing software. The chart consists of 24 colour chips arranged in four columns. A colour column to provide a chromatic reference for colour correction, a skin tone column for natural skin colour references, a grey scale column so you can set an accurate grey balance, and finally a highlight and shadow column from white to black to ensure you can perfect your exposure.

White Balance Target

Achieve consistent colour by using the white balance target card to provide a neutral reference point, no matter the lighting scenario. Use the white balance card to accurately set your white balance before you shoot so you can speed up the editing process by eliminating the need to colour correct each frame.

Greyscale Target

The greyscale target card features a white, a 40 IRE grey, and a saturated high gloss black panel designed to make setting exposure quick and easy. These reference patches ensure seamless production when aligning exposure and contrast for shooting with multiple cameras.

Focus Target

A focus chart assists with lens calibration and helps to test your cameras focus abilities and compare the edge-to-edge sharpness of different lenses.

Portable Protective Casing

The four ColorChecker charts are housed in a durable grey plastic casing that protects them from the elements and prevents the colours degrading over time. The free-standing flip case can be setup in multiple positions, and is small enough to be conveniently carried around in your pocket when shooting on-location.

Software Support

The X-Rite Passport Video ColourChecker is designed to take advantage of vectorscope and waveform tools, as well as field monitors and recorders. Programs including DaVinci Resolve, Color Finale (Final Cut Pro Plug-In) and 3D LUT Creator are also supported.

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