The ATF Thumbscrew and Spanner Kit is a must for any GoPro enthusiast. Useful in all mounting scenarios, the kit will ensure consistently stable footage across your entire arsenal of mounts.

The lightweight, low-profile spanner features an ergonomic design that locks into your GoPro thumbscrews for quick and easy adjustment.

Its innovative design allows you to get better leverage and apply much more torque than finger tightening to ensure a significantly firmer, more reliable connection between the camera, mount and your mounting location.

The spanner also features a hexagonal socket that is compatible with the GoPro locking nuts to ensure all mounting hardware is catered for.

A must for rough or jarring sports such as mountain biking, BMX, motocross, motor racing and more, the After The Fact Thumb Screw and Spanner Kit also includes two long and two short replacement thumbscrews with locking nuts to ensure you’re always equipped with the right hardware to get the shot you need.

The ATF Thumbscrew & Spanner Kit is compatible with GoPro Cameras.

  • ATF Spanner for GoPro ThumbScrew
  • 2x ATF Short Thumbscrew
  • 2x ATF Long Thumbscrew
  • 4x Locking Nuts
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