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The Ilford Rapid Fixer (1 litre) is a non-hardening liquid concentrate that can be used to fix black and white film or printing paper. The concentrated liquid can be diluted depending on its application purpose and helps to remove unexposed silver halide to ensure your images do not darken further when exposed to light.

Fixes Films & Prints

The Ilford rapid fixer is used to make sure the latent images formed with the use of the developer stay intact and do not continue to react to light.

Fast Fixing

The Ilford rapid fixer uses ammonium thiosulfate and acts much quicker than sodium thiosulphate whichreduces your waiting time.For a faster processing, the fixer can be mixed in a higher concentrationbut that may lead to increased noise and grain.

Multiple Dilution Ratios

The fixer is designed to be mixed in two main dilution ratios; 1+4 and 1+9 (1 part is fixer and other parts are water). A 1+4 dilution ratio is recommended for all film fixing and in paper processing machine, whereas 1+4 or 1+9 can be used when manually fixing.
  • Ilford Rapid Fixer 1 Litre
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