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NiSi P1 Prosories Mobile Phone Filter Kit

  • Fits onto Any Mobile Phone
  • GND8 filter with 3 Stops Light Reduction
  • HD Polariser Cuts Reflections and Glare
  • Smartphone Clip with Rapid Mounting
  • 360° Rotating Holder
  • High Quality Glass and Aluminium Build
  • Pouch for Transportation


Nisi SMC UV Filter - 77mm

  • 5.2mm Ultra-Thin Frame Minimises Vignetting
  • Optical Glass Multi-Coatings on Both Sides
  • Protects Lens from Damage
  • Matte Frame Finish Reduces Reflections
  • High Quality Aluminium Build
  • Environmentally Friendly Materials
  • Knurled Frame for Easy Installation


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NiSi Switch 100mm Filter Holder

27% Off. Save $43
47% Off. Save $74 Ex-Demo
  • Rotate Two Graduated Filters Independently
  • Adjust the Angle of Multiple Grad Filters
  • No Vignetting at 16mm
  • Aluminium Build Quality
  • Locking Screw for Rear Holder
  • Compatible with Filters 100mm Wide & 2mm Thick

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NiSi 70mm Starter Filter Kit Ex-Demo

25% Off. Save $35
25% Off Ex-Demo. Save $35 while stocks last!
  • 70mm Square Filter System
  • Holder Supports 2 Filters and a Circular Polariser
  • 62mm Circular Polariser Filter
  • Compatible with 70x80mm & 70x100mm Filters
  • Compatible with Wide Range of Lenses with Adapter Rings
  • Soft Gard & Neutral Density Filters
  • Nano and Multi Coating for Image Clarity and Protection
  • Includes Hard Case


NiSi filters are ideal for photographers and videographers looking for high-quality, low-colour-casting, and simple-to-use filter systems. Take your Landscape photography to next level with NiSi filters.