We recently met with Belle Kringas to collaborate on a photo/video shoot for the Sony a7R IV. We loved her youthful enthusiasm for inspiring other creatives and encouraging them to push their creative boundaries.

With this in mind, we decided to delve a little deeper to try and find the source of her passion, and determination.

How long have you been shooting?

I have been shooting for 3 years. Starting in photography and now finding passions in art direction, videography and cinematography. 

Photographer @bellekringas | Models: Mona @shhhhhimona and Melissa @me.lissac


Tell us a bit about your work? 

My work is always focused on telling stories i wish to see more of, whether that’s highlighting a message, emotion or the people around me. I hope to motivate others to take action and trust in their own personal missions, as I am in mine simultaneously. 

 Photographer @bellekringas | Model: Kydra @kydrasaur


Where do you create most of your work?

All of my work is created “on the road” regardless of shooting or editing, as there is never a set location I come back to. I could travel to 4 locations in a day for a photoshoot, or travel 3 hours for a scenic view, so I try to find creative ways to carry my gear, handle props and manage my editing schedule. When it comes to editing, I travel with my laptop everywhere. Some days that means camping out at a cafe, working from my phone to plan out ideas or meeting other photographers at their places for editing sessions. 

Photographer @bellekringas | Model: Rachel @rachelsyllaa


What are 5 essential bits of gear in your “studio”?


The 5 essentials when i am out shooting are my tripod for any timelapses or cinemagraphs, a camera flash, or handheld video light, a microphone, my 16-35mm Sony GM lens and a cushioned pouch for all my spare batteries and SD cards
Photographer @bellekringas | Model Kymberlee @kymberleestreet


What inspires you?

What inspires me changes every day. There was a period of time where I created an entire visual story in the form of a digital novel, or watching YouTubers / influencers living out their daily lives yet having such a huge impact on people. The biggest inspirations always come back to people that are being true to themselves even when it’s difficult or vulnerable. The more people open up about mental illness, sexuality, feminism, race, culture and share it, the more I learn about myself. 

Photographer @bellekringas | Models: Mona @shhhhhimona and Melissa @me.lissac


Do you have any tips or advice for aspiring creatives who are starting out?

The best advice I could give is to remember we are all rookies and all experts at something. Recognise where you lack, and the skills you possess so you do not equate your value to how much you may fail/succeed. Utilise all the resources we have to learn from, whether that is learning After Effects through YouTube tutorials, or helping out fellow creatives on projects you are keen to get involved in. Researching gear is a massive help as well, if you are wanting to get started as a photographer or a videographer, the gear your favourite creatives use may not necessarily fit your lifestyle and uses. Ask yourself why you love the field you want to get started in, and find like minded individuals on and offline that can guide you or grow as you are.

Photographer @bellekringas | Model: Anonymous