In the 21st Century, Mackie has continued to crank out the hits, with legendary products that have become industry standards and spawned countless imitators. The Mackie MCU Controller still stands head and shoulders above the competition. And our Onyx Series technology has once again set the benchmark for legendary sonic performance, bringing great sound within the reach of even the most modest budgets.

The Mackie name is still synonymous with innovation, great sound, and Built Like a Tank dependability. Today, Mackie touches every corner of the creative space. From studio recording, mixing, and monitoring to a full range of live sound solutions, microphones, studio and live mixers, headphones and in-ear monitors, podcasting tools, amplification and processing, and more, Mackie continues to innovate, bringing the next generation of tools to the next generation of creatives. If you’ve got a dream, we’re here to help you realize it.