Panasonic Lumix S9: A New Era in Compact Full-Frame Cameras

Panasonic is proud to introduce the Lumix S9, a revolutionary addition to our class-leading camera systems. This full-frame compact camera is a groundbreaking entry in our S series range. The Lumix S9, with its unprecedented compact full-frame body that supports interchangeable lenses, is set to become a favorite across various photography genres, including travel, street photography, and content creation.

Customisable to Match Your Style

When deciding on your perfect camera, the Lumix S9 offers a diverse palette of colours to suit any taste. Choose from:

Each colour enhances the camera's sleek design, ensuring it stands out as much for its style as for its performance.

Introducing the Panasonic Lumix S 26mm f/8 Pancake Lens

Capture everyday magic with the new Panasonic Lumix S 26mm f/8 Pancake Lens. This ultra-thin, lightweight lens weighs just 58g, making it as portable as it is versatile. It’s perfect for photographers on the go, offering a closest focusing distance of 0.25m and a maximum magnification of 0.14x. The tactile focus control allows for the creation of imaginative and unique images with ease.

Compact Design, Powerful Sensor

The Lumix S9 doesn’t compromise on quality with its large sensor. Expect sharp, vibrant RAW and JPEG images thanks to the 24.2 effective megapixels and a primary colour filter. The camera supports advanced video capabilities, including 6K recording in various resolution modes, making it ideal for high-quality content creation.

Enhance Your Creative Process with Programmable Presets

Transform your videos in-camera with the REAL TIME LUT function, which allows for cinematic looks to be applied directly during recording. This feature is perfect for content creators who aim to streamline their workflow. Utilise the wide range of presets available on the LUMIX Lab app or craft your personalised style to use in-camera or during post-processing.

A Host of Functionalities at Your Fingertips

The Lumix S9 is packed with creative tools to enhance your photography:

  • Time-lapse shot
  • Stop motion animation
  • Live cropping for recording 5.9K footage or higher

These functionalities make the Lumix S9 versatile in handling various creative scenarios.

Stay Connected with the LUMIX Lab App

The Lumix Lab app makes sharing your creations effortless. Connect in just three steps and manage your photos and videos directly from the app—edit, apply presets, and share within 30 seconds.

Focus on Fast Subjects with Confidence

Thanks to the Phase Hybrid autofocus system, the Lumix S9 ensures sharp focus on both still and moving subjects. This feature is especially useful for capturing dynamic scenes and fast-moving subjects, ensuring they remain in sharp focus throughout the frame.

Flexible Framing Options

With the Open Gate feature, capture everything you need in one shot and decide later what to crop out. The new MP4(Lite) mode in 4K video is ideal for those who prefer post-shoot editing, making it easier to transfer and edit footage on your smartphone.

Don't miss the opportunity to own the Lumix S9, a camera that meets the long-awaited demand for a compact, full-frame system. Ideal for everyday users, travellers, content creators, vloggers, and street photographers. For more details, contact our team at 1300 365 220 during office hours, or visit us in-store.