The MagMod 24-inch Octa FocusDiffuser is a first-of-a-kind light modifier for the Octa MagBox that attaches super-quickly and easily with MagMod’s hallmark magnetic design. The super-unique diffuser operates like a softbox with a grid, controlling the light spill, but without compromising brightness. In fact, it does the exact opposite. The Fresnel design actually creates by up to 3-stops compared to a traditional softbox with grid.

Controls Light Spill

The inside of the diffuser has a carefully designed micro-structure that alters the angle of light in 40° or 20° angles. This controls the spread of light and gently redirects it forward, effectively increasing the output of your flash and providing you more directional control.

Attaches in a Snap

Magmod are well known for their love of all things magnetic and the FocusDiffuser is no exception. Built-in magnets around the edge snap into place when mounted to the MagBox, making installation super quick and ensuring the modifier stays securely attached.

Increases Brightness

Compared to a standard fabric-style diffuser, the MagnetMod Focus Diffuser dramatically increases brightness by up to 3 stops. Despite being brighter though, the light produced is just as soft. Allowing you to create an extremely flattering lighting setup, perfect for portraits and product shots.

Note: The MagMod 24 Octa FocusDiffuser requires the MagMod MagBox (sold separately)
MagMod 24 Octa FocusDiffuser


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