The ATF Mini Tripod is ideal for photographers who like to travel light. Weighing less than 200g it can be stored easily in your bag, equipping you with the convenience to take selfies, stunning time lapse sequences or long exposure photography without the need to lug around a bulky tripod.

Compact Construction

The Mini Tripod is designed to be incredibly portable so that it can be easily accessible at all times, meaning you’ll always be prepared to take stable shots. Whether you’re into light painting with long exposures or just want to pose in your own shots the mini tripod makes it possible in a convenient portable package.

Enhanced Rubber Feet

The feet of the Mini Tripod are covered with a rubber tread to ensure they grip well on smooth surfaces, providing reliable camera support. The standard 1/4-inch thread to attach your camera also features a rubberised grip which minimises camera movement, ensuring razor sharp results every time.

Video Grip Function

When the ATF Mini Tripod’s legs collapse in for transportation the unit doubles as a camera grip to help you capture smoother video. Handheld camera bumps and shakes can make your lovely video of the families trip to the beach more than a little hard to watch especially when viewed on a big TV. By using the Mini-Tripod as a handle grip it allows you to reduce hand shake so you end up with smoother footage that everyone can enjoy.

Supports 1.5kg of Equipment

Even with its incredibly portable size and weight the After the Fact Mini Tripod can hold an impressive 1.5kg of top down weight making it a must-have for any photography enthusiast. Its universal 1/4-inch thread attachment suits most action cameras, compact cameras, mirrorless cameras and video camcorders.

Adjustable Levelling Ball Head

It can be incredibly frustrating to wake up early to capture a golden hour morning landscape shot only to realise the camera wasn’t flat and you’ve got beautiful picture of a wonky horizon. The Mini Tripod by After the Fact features an adjustable ball head that allows you to make quick adjustments on the fly to compensate for any uneven surface, so you can capture level shots every time.

With an impressive list of features packed into an incredibly lightweight and portable design, the ATF Mini Tripod is a useful companion for any photographer and makes a great present for any budding photography enthusiast.





Maximum Support Weight

1.5kg of Top Down Loading

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