Perfect for Tripod Use

Our 3 Axis sprit level is a must if you require pixel perfect compositions. It is ideally suited to photographers who shoot landscapes, architecture and studio work. Basically, if you use a tripod to as part of your shooting process, you will benefit from the information a 3-axis spirit level will give you.

Maximise Image Resolution

A must for achieving those perfectly straight horizons, the 3-axis bubble level can help reduce the amount of post-processing required while maximising the resolution of your images. Getting your shot right in-camera and eliminating the need to rotate and crop after the fact means more pixels in your final shot.

3-Axis Measurement

Compatible with any standard hot-shoe mount, the bubble level measures your camera alignment on two planes to ensure your tilt and roll alignment is spot on. An additional level for the roll axis means you can use it in either landscape or portrait orientation seamlessly.

Mounts to Camera Hot Shoe

Made from tough acrylic, the 3-axis camera spirit level is a must have for busy professional and enthusiast photographers who require pixel perfect compositions.


Standard Camera Hot Shoe Mount

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3-Axis Hot-Shoe Bubble Level


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