The ATF Cleaning Kit helps you to protect your camera setup against dirt or dust. Taking care of your gear is one of the most important things that a photographer can do. Keeping your lenses clean so that smudges don’t ruin your shots or even just having some cleaning wipes handy to remove dirt will help ensure your gear lasts a long time.

Lens Cleaning Pen

Every shot you take has to first pass through your lens so if you’ve got a grubby fingerprint at the front of your glass you can be sure it’s going to show up on your image or video. The Cleaning Kit comes with a handy pocket-sized lens cleaning pen.

Wide Pen Cleaning Tip

The tip of the cleaning pen has a wide surface felt tip that is charged with a carbon cleaning powder designed to absorb oil, dirt, and grease effectively. This cleaning tip gets refreshed with carbon every time the lid is put back on so it can be used many times.

Retractable Cleaning Brush

The pen also features a slider that extends a handy cleaning brush which is perfect to remove small pieces of grit and dirt before using the cleaning tip, or to get into hard to reach corners of camera bodies.

Dust Blower

Useful for dislodging dirt and dust from the interior of the camera or getting into inaccessible nooks and crannies the dust blower features a micro-tip for high pressure delivery. It is a convenient size and uses a soft rubber design so it’s easy to use.

Lens Cleaning Solution

The Lens cleaning solution spray is suitable for cleaning glass lenses and leaving them streak & smudge free without damaging lens coatings.

Wet and Dry Cleaning Wipes

The ATF Cleaning Kit comes with 6 single use dual cleaning wipe packs. Each pack has one wet and dry Anti-static wipe to ensure your gear can remain sparkling new and clean. The Wet wipe removes excess dirt while the dry wipe can be used to clean and shine surfaces.

Machine Washable Microfibre Cleaning Cloth

There is a saying among photographers that you can never have too many microfibre cloths because they are one of the most effective and useful tools in order to keep your kit in good condition. They easily absorb dust and oils from your lens, grip, and camera body, while being easily cleaned and reused by throwing it in the washing machine.

Carry Case with Access Zip

The entire set packs down into an included handy carrying case which zips for secure and easy storage. It has a breathable mesh design that allows you to easily locate your cleaning equipment. The case also doubles as a handy storage compartment for other loose items including batteries, cables and more.

The Cleaning Kit by After the Fact kit is a super useful additional to any photographer’s camera bag that will ensure your gear remains in peak condition so you can stop worrying about dirt, oil, and grime and focus on shooting.

Dimensions of Carry Case (approx.)


Lens Cleaner Ingredients

97.3% Water

1.9% Polyethylene Glycol

0.3 Essential Oil

Dimensions of Microfibre Cloth


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  • Lens Pen
  • Dust Blower
  • 15ml Lens Cleaning Spray
  • 6x Cleaning Wipes
  • Microfibre Cloth
  • Carry Case
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