Perfect for Off-Camera Flash Setups

The MagMod Transmitter Bands are a must for professionals using radio triggers for off-camera flash set-ups.

Suits Most Modern Flashes and Speedlites

Sized perfectly to suit most modern flashes the bands elastic properties allow you to secure your wireless flash transmitters and receivers to your flash unit securely.

Multiple Mounting Options

Its versatile design allows the transmitter to be placed above, behind or to the side of the flash head, providing maximum convenience in cramped or awkward mounting positions.

Eliminate Messy Velcro & Gaffer Tape

Eliminate the need for messy adhesives, Velcro straps and unsightly gaffer tape. With the MagMod Transmitter Bands 3-pack you'll have enough to support a complex lighting set up while also looking like a neat, tidy organised professional.

MagMod Transmitter Bands - 3 Pack


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