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The Sony Flash HVL-F28RM is a small, powerful and reliable radio wireless flash that will effortlessly brighten a room. It is controlled directly by the camera, offering more creative control over your shoots. It is extremely robust and durable, and features wireless radio communication for a vast range of applications. Designed for the entire A7 series, this is a professional quality lighting solution.

Full Control from your Camera

Flash compensation, light ratio and various additional flash parameters can be controlled directly by your camera. It offers the ability for the user to make adjustments whilst looking though the viewfinder and gripping the flash, making for a more streamlined and effective workflow. It additionally boasts wireless radio communication that can be teamed with a wide range of applications.

Pro-level Features

Light output buttons (LEVEL -/+) control the light output and flash compensation, offering a faster and more efficient shooting experience The flash is additionally equipped with high-speed sync, meaning it can be synchronised to the entire r4ange of shutter speeds, offering the creation of bokeh through a large aperture to be created. On top of this, the flash works with the face detection capabilities of the camera to balance flash output with the tones of the room, resulting in the subject’s face being light with appropriate white balance.

Auto White Balance Adjustment

The camera delivers white balance information to the flash, creating true-to-life, natural looking colours. This leaves skin tones with the perfect white balance, resulting in a beautifully warm glow.

Rugged and Sturdy

The flash is equipped with a dust and moisture resistant design that allows you to continue shooting in harsh conditions without having to worry about the safety of your gear. A significantly increased strength has been incorporated into the design of the metal shoe foot, offering a higher level of stability and reliability.


Auto electronic flash (clip-on type) with pre-flash metering

Flash Coverage

50mm, Angle of view at 24mm focal length is also covered with the wide panel

Bounce Angle

Up 120deg (0deg/20deg/40deg/60deg/80deg/120deg)

Flash Modes


Test Flash


Flash Control

Flash control using pre-flash (P-TTL/ADI)

Colour Temperature


Continuous Flash Performance

40 flashes at 10 flashes per second


2.4 GHz band

Power Source

Four AA-size alkaline or Ni-MH batteries

Dust and Moisture Resistant


Dimensions (W x H x D)

65.1mm x 83.5mm x 91.4mm



Shoe Type

Multi Interface Shoe

  • Connector protect cap
  • Mini-stand
  • Carrying pouch
  • Dust and moisture resistant cover


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