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The ATF Articulating Arm 11 Inch helps expand your photographic and lighting possibilities by providing a highly versatile mounting option for a wide range of photographic accessories. Attach lighting, audio gear or even a monitor to a hot shoe or a tripod thread for hands-free accessory support.

The ATF Articulating Arm is available in the following options:

*ATF Articulating Arm – 7-Inch
*ATF Articulating Arm – 11-Inch

1/4-inch Thread for Accessories

The popular 1/4-inch thread size can be found on everything from video monitors, flashes, microphones, gimbals and more. This makes it one of the most versatile mounts available, which is why the ATF articulating arm features two 1/4-inch threads to make attaching a wide range of accessories super easy.

Adjustable Ball Head Mount

Using dual ball-headed joints, the articulating arm allows you to have complete control over how your equipment is positioned. Modifying the angle of your gear is as simple as loosening the adjustment knob, making the change and then tightening it back up.

Rated to hold up to 1500g

Designed to support your choice of video and photographic accessories the arm can hold a payload of up to 1500g. Which makes it perfect for video monitors, microphones, LED lighting and more.

Hot Shoe Adapter and 1/4-inch Socket Adapter Included

The After the Fact Articulating Arm 11 inch comes with a range of adapters making it an incredibly versatile addition to your kit. A hot shoe adapter allows you to mount the arm to the top of a camera and screw it down to keep it securely attached. The arm also includes a 1/4-inch thread to socket adapter that allows you to add extension arms and other accessories.

7-Inch Articulating Arm




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11-Inch Articulating Arm




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