Eneloop AA Rechargeable Ni-MH Batteries from Panasonic have a capacity of 2000mAh and combine the best features of dry cell and rechargeable Ni-MH technology. Theincluded 4 call charger suits all AA and AAA sized eneloops

Eneloop Batteries: Convenient, Rechargeable and Economical

The ready-for-use Eneloop batteries are factory-charged so that you can start using them straight out of the box. They can be recharged up to an amazing 2,100 times and can retain as much as 65% of their charge for up to 5 years of storage. Additionally, they are functional even in temperatures as low as -20°C. All these features combine to deliver convenience, durability, and long shelf life.

Their outstanding 2000 mAh capacity makes them perfect for high-drain devices such as digital and flash cameras, toys, game controllers, and flashlights. In addition, with their power retention capabilities, Eneloop batteries are also a great choice for low-drain devices such as your remote controls and smoke alarms. Additionally, being reusable, they result in reduced e-wastage, making them a great environment friendly choice for the conscientious citizens of the planet.

Standard Charger: Charges both AA and AAA Batteries.

Dedicated to the Eneloop range, Panasonic’s Eneloop 4 Cell Standard Charger charges both AA and AAA batteries. The charger is handy and lightweight with 2 LED indicator lights for ease of use. It delivers a charging time of 8.5 hours for Eneloop AAA, and 10 hours for AA batteries. For Eneloop Pro batteries, the charging time is 10 hours for Eneloop AAA, and 12 hours for AA batteries.






2000 mAh

Self-Discharge Rate

5 years: 35%



Charging time for Eneloop Batteries

8.5 hours for Eneloop AAA / 10 hours for AA Batteries.

Charging time for Eneloop Pro Batteries

10 hours for Eneloop AAA / 12 hours for AA Batteries.

Charging Output

DC 1.5 V AA 200mA x2 /AAA 100mA x2

Charging Control



LED x2

Charger Battery

AA x2, 4 / AAA x2, 4 Cells




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  • 4 x Eneloop AA Batteries
  • Eneloop 4 Cell Standard Charger
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