The Kiwifotos FC-1 Macro Rail Slider is designed to allow precise 4-way camera alignment giving you the ability to move your camera forward, back, left and right. The ability to make small incremental adjustments is perfect for close-up macro photography because it allows you to modify your framing and more importantly fine-tune your focus.

4-Way Adjustments

The FC-1 features two rails that allow camera movement across two axes; forward and backward as well as left and right. This provides extensive control over framing and allows you to modify your plane of focus. Each rail offers fine-tuned control with a 27cm adjustment range on the X axis, and a 26cm range on the Y axis. The smooth rack and pinion drive system with positive locking provides rock- solid stability.

1/4-inch Mount on Top and Bottom

Cameras can be mounted on top of the rail via the integrated 1/4-inch screw which uses a large knurled thumbwheel to securely attach to the tripod mounting socket. The rail can be attached to most tripods or ball heads with a standard 1/4-inch mounting thread on the bottom of the unit.

Position Markings

Scaled markings are printed on both sides of the rails in millimetres to ensure a position can be accurately repeated if required.

Robust Aluminium Design

The Kiwi fotos FC1 macro focusing cross rail features an all-metal construction that provides excellent, long-lasting durability.

Permitted Maximum Movement

X-Axis: 27cm

Y-Axis: 26cm


16.5 x 18.5 x 7cm



Tripod Mount Thread Size


Camera Mount Screw


Quick Release Plate

Arca Swiss

Load capacity



Aluminium Alloy

* Specifications subject to change by the manufacturer without notice

Kiwi Fotos FC-1 Macro Focusing Rails


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