Helps Reduce Static and Removes Dust

The Ilford Antistatic Reusable Cloth has a special treatment toeliminate static and dust. It’s ideal for cleaning prints, photographic negatives, and other shiny surfaces. The cloth is designed to conduct charge away from surfaces so dust doesn’t cling to the static on an object.

Large Size can be used on a Variety of Surfaces

The orange cloth is large and versatile, at33 x 33cm; it’s suitable for use on mostsurfaces, especially those prone to static like TV screens, monitors, and more. Please note, that the cloth should only be used dry. If washed, it will lose its anti-static properties.




“Simplexim” Lint Free Cotton


Approx. 33 x 33cm


375 gsm

1/e charge decay times at 10% RH

Mean 0.226 sec, s.d. 0.049



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