Rugged Design

The Tether Tools Pro Tethering Kit includes Aero Traveler Table to hold your laptop while shooting in studio and provides easy access of live view and pictures shot from your connected camera. The table is made of Aerospace T6 Aluminium which it strong and durable. Table dimensions of 16" x 14" can handle laptops and netbooks of fitting sizes very well.

Multiple Mounting Options

LAJO-4 Bracket included in the kit helps you connect the Aero Table to almost any of the light stands that you may have in your studio. Multiple options built into the LAJO-4 bracket include 1/4-20, 3/8" and 5/8" threads using which you can mount the table onto a standard tripod head, a tripod even without a head attached and even baby stud pins on the light stand from almost any manufacturer. The bottom of bracket features a dovetail profile for mounting it on the Arca Swiss ballheads that provide you extra security.

Anti Slip Pad

The Tether Tools Pro Kit includes a non-slip pad with a slim profile that sits perfectly on the Aero Traveler Table covering the whole surface in a neat and tidy manner. The pad saves your laptop base from scratches and saves it from slipping. Water and stain resistant material of the pad makes it easy to maintain.

Aero XDC Hard Drive Compartment

Aero XDC Solo is an attachment for the Aero Traveler and can be fixed on either side to carry single portable hard-drive for continuous data backup. The size of the XDC Solo can fit a portable hard disk from most manufacturers. The Finishing of XDC Solo is same as that of the Aero Traveler making it look as an integrated part of the kit when assembled.

Jerk Stopper and Cable Management

JerkStopper Cable Management for Camera and Aero Clip-On devices is an intelligent solution to keep cables organised and safe from dislodging because of any movement around the equipment. The StrapMoore device helps you guard your power adaptor or any similar object by securing it with the tripod or pole legs.

USB 2 to Micro-B Cable 4.6m

The fully shielded Tether Tools TetherPro USB A to Micro-B 5 Pin Cable (4.6m) is built as per the highest USB specifications. Delivering excellent performance in speed and reliability the kit is perfect for tethered shooting, allowing you to connect compatible effectively connects cameras or other devices with a Micro-B port to desktop or laptop computers and other compatible devices.


The TetherPro USB 2.0 A to Micro-B 5 Pin cable features gold plated connectors to ensure corrosion resistance for consistent and reliable conductivity so that you can enjoy years of high-quality performance.


A reinforced Ferrite core filters out signal noise and minimises transmission errors to ensure smooth data transfer and superior performance. Additionally, the full-lined shielding protects against external signal interference for maximum reliability.


The high-visibility orange cable can be easily seen during studio or on-location shoots to prevent people from stepping on or tripping over the cable, avoiding equipment damage or personal injuries. The bright orange colour also makes it easy to spot the cable when in a bag or drawer with other cables.

Tether Table Aero Traveler, Black
Aero ProPad for Traveler
Aero XDC Solo, Black
Cable Organisation Case Standard
JerkStopper USB Computer Support
JerkStopper Camera Support & Aero Clip-On
TetherPro USB 2.0 A to Micro-B 5 Pin Cable - 4.6m


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