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High-Capacity Power for BMPCC 6K or 4K

Power up your Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 6K or 4K with this Powerbase EDGE LINK 70Wh Battery Bundle from Core SWX. The bundle includes one Powerbase EDGE LINK 70Wh V-mount battery, a D-Tap to 2-pin power cable, and a D-Tap wall charger. The battery provides an 8A continuous load, giving you significantly more power than the battery supplied with the BMPCC range.

The camera can be powered by connecting the coiled cable's D-Tap output on the battery and the 2-pin connector into your camera's power input. Additional features include a button-activated runtime LCD screen on the side, a quick release plate to mount onto your camera or rig, storage mode, and SmartTap technology on one of the D-Tap ports to pass battery data to your camera. The included wall charger can charge the battery using one of the D-Tap ports, or you can utilize a standard Core SWX V-mount charger.

Core SWX Powerbase EDGE LINK 70Wh Battery Pack (V-Mount)

Power your camera and its accessories with this V-mount Powerbase EDGE LINK 70Wh Battery Pack from Core SWX. This 14.8V battery has a maximum continuous draw of 8A and can be linked with other packs using its V-mount to double or triple its capabilities. Featuring a dovetail-style quick release plate and multiple 1/4"-20 threads, the battery can easily attach and disengage from your camera for a modular fit.

Two unregulated D-Tap ports on the device can power your on-camera monitor or wireless transmitter, while one USB Type-A output and one USB Type-C output can charge everything from mobile devices to laptops. Another 8V output is compatible with legacy battery paddle cables to attach to your DSLR camera or camcorder. Monitoring your battery's status is easy with the built-in runtime LCD. The Powerbase EDGE LINK can be recharged with a separately available D-Tap or V-mount charger.

Features at a Glance

  • Multiple 1/4"-20 threads for mounting
  • Dovetail-style quick release plate on top
  • Battery packs can link together to increase runtime
  • 12-hour+ total runtime
  • Quick charge mobile devices with USB Type-A port
  • USB Type-C port with adaptive 5-20V output for charging larger devices like laptops
  • 8V output for legacy Powerbase EDGE battery paddle cables to power cameras
  • Charge with D-Tap or V-mount charger
  • After 7 days of inactivity, the pack shuts down to preserve power

LCD Display

  • When in standby, LCD shows percentage and grid
  • When under draw, LCD shows remaining runtime, percentage, and grid
  • When charging, LCD shows remaining charge time, percentage, and grid

Core SWX Coiled D-Tap to 2-Pin Cable for Blackmagic Pocket 4K & 6K (18 to 48")

The Coiled D-Tap to 2-Pin Cable for Blackmagic Pocket 4K & 6K from Core SWX allows you to power the camera from a D-Tap power source for longer runtimes. The cable extends from 18 to 48" in total length, providing the flexibility to use it on different parts of your camera rig.

Core SWX 1.5A Single-Position D-Tap Charger

Charge your Core SWX lithium-ion battery with this 1.5A Single-Position D-Tap Charger that features a single D-Tap charge connector and a US plug. The charger features a 90 to 240 VAC input voltage and 1.5A charge current, and it charges a Core SWX battery approximately 50% faster than its predecessor. An LED on the charger indicates red when the battery is charging and green when the battery is fully charged. The charger is compatible with all Core SWX lithium-ion batteries with a D-Tap charging port except for the Hypercore Prime models.

  • Core SWX Powerbase EDGE LINK 70Wh Battery Pack (V-Mount)
  • Core SWX Coiled D-Tap to 2-Pin Cable for Blackmagic Pocket 4K & 6K (18 to 48")
  • Core SWX 1.5A Single-Position D-Tap Charger


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