Connects Micro HDMI to HDMI

The Atomos Right-Angle Micro HDMI to Full HDMI Coiled Cable has male connectors a both the ends which allow you to connect your DSLR to an external record Like the Atmos Ninja Star (sold separately).

Right Angled Micro HDMI Connector

The right angled Micro HDMI connector makes the outward projection relatively shorter as compared to using straight connectors. The shorter outward projection enables you to attach LED lights and other accessories close to the camera body while shooting movies.

Coiled Cable

The coiled cable is flexible and extendable up to 45cm from its normal length of 30 cm, minimising the risk of snagging and accidental disconnection while in use.

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Cable Type


Connector 1

Right-Angle Micro HDMI

Connector 2


Cable Length

Coiled: 30.0 cm (11.8")

Extended: 45.0 cm (17.7")

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Atomos Right-Angle Micro to Full HDMI Coiled Cable (30 - 45cm)


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