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The Canon Speedlite EL-100 is a compact entry level flash that features bounce and tilt functionality. Compatible with Canon E-TTL & E-TTL II it can be set up in auto or manual for maximum creative control.

Guide Number of 26m at 50mm at ISO 100

The Speedlite EL-100 delivers a maximum guide number of 26m at ISO 100 for suitability in a range of photographic scenarios. The flash’s power output can be adjusted from 1/1 to 1/128 to equip you with granular control of the light output.

Bounce Flash with 330° Rotation, 90° Tilt

Offering a tilt range from 0 to 90° and 180° of rotation it can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally to handle a variety of shooting conditions either indoors or outdoors. The versatile bounce technique equips you with the ability to control the light in different ways to create texture or mood.

Multi Group/Channel Configuration

Despite its beginner label, the flash system supports multiple EL-100 units to support more complicated multi-light setups. A mode dial on the rear allows the flash to be configured for one of 3 individual flash groups and 4 different channels. The dial also incorporates an Auto mode which simplifies the process of shooting by firing the flash only when the scene is too dark to capture faithfully.

Functions as Optical Sender & Camera Remote

With a wireless range of 11m indoors and 8m when outdoors the Speedlite also functions as an optical sender to trigger other remote flashes. When paired with a compatible EOS camera the Speedlite can double as a camera remote which can trigger the shutter release.

Stroboscopic and 2nd Curtain Sync Mode

Using the Stroboscopic setting the flash can be repeatedly fired in rapid bursts. The mode allows for subjects such as dancers to be captured in multiple locations as they move across a single frame during a long exposure. The second curtain sync mode allows capturing light trails as a subject moves, resulting in a unique photo that will have your audience wondering how you captured it.

AF Assist Beam and Locking Foot

The AF assist beam supports the autofocus system when working in low lighting conditions to ensures fast focus can be achieved.

Compact and Powered by Two AA Batteries

The Canon EL-100 Speedlite Flash can be securely attached to a camera or stand. It tips the scales at a mere 190g making it compact and light enough to carry in your everyday kit. It is powered by two AA batteries. For improved performance, HR6 Ni-MH batteries can be used to boost recycling time to a 0.1–3.1 sec and 69–480 flashes on a single charge.


Shoe-mount E-TTL II/E-TTL autoflash Speedlites

Compatible Cameras

Type-A EOS cameras (E-TTL II/E-TTL autoflash)

Guide Number

The Guide No. is approximately 21.0m at ISO 100 and 24mm flash coverage.
The maximum Guide No. is approximately 26.0m at ISO 100 and 50mm flash coverage.

Number of Flashes

When using AA/LR6 alkaline batteries
Approx. 58–400 times
When using AA/HR6 Ni-MH batteries
Approx. 69–480 times
Nominal min. time when using 1900mAh type AA/HR6 Ni-MH batteries.
Based on Canon Testing Standards.

Recycling Time

When using AA/LR6 alkaline batteries

Normal flash: Approx. 0.1–5.8 sec.

Quick flash: Approx. 0.1–5.3 sec.

When using AA/HR6 Ni-MH batteries

Normal flash: Approx. 0.1–3.1 sec.

Quick flash: Approx. 0.1–2.7 sec.

Nominal min. time when using 1900mAh type AA/HR6 Ni-MH batteries.

Based on Canon Testing Standards.

Flash Range

Examples of effective flash range (50mm flash coverage, f/1.4 aperture, ISO 100)

1. Normal Flash:

Approx. 0.7–18.6m

2. High-speed Sync (at 1/250 sec. shutter speed):

Approx. 0.7–9.1m

AF Assist Beam

Compatible AF System:

Phase-difference AF in viewfinder shooting, Quick mode in Live View shooting and movie shooting

Effective Range (Approx.):

At centre: 4.0m

With the illumination angle at 24mm, without bounce.

Custom Functions

3 Custom Functions

Power Source

Two AA/LR6 alkaline batteries

AA/HR6 Ni-MH batteries also usable.

Lithium batteries cannot be used.


Approx. 64.6 x 91.7 x 71.0mm


Approx. 190g (excluding batteries)

* Specifications subject to change by the manufacturer without notice

  • Speedlite EL-100
  • Soft Case
  • Mini-stand
  • User Manual


* Dispatch timeframes are indications only and may vary for multiple quantities. Timeframes are updated regularly during normal business hours.