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The Hahnel Captur Remote Control and Flash Trigger Canon kit is perfect for beginner and enthusiast photographers looking at taking the next step in their creative journey. The wireless transmitter and receiver combination is ideal for extended exposures, landscape photography and off-camera flash techniques.

Wireless Remote Shutter Release

The wireless remote is useful for landscape photographers looking to achieve maximum sharpness. Remotely triggering the shutter eliminates the vibration of the camera as the shutter is being depressed, maximising the sharpness and detail throughout the shot.

Enables Bulb Mode Shooting

The remote shutter release is perfect for extended exposures and landscape photography. The use of a remote release enables the ‘bulb’ mode on most DSLR and mirrorless cameras, allowing you to shoot with shutter speeds longer than 30 seconds. This is perfect for nightscapes, star trails and astro-photography where lengthy exposures are required to truly bring out the beauty in the scene.

Compatible with Multiple Receivers

Additional receivers can be purchased separately to trigger multiple cameras simultaneously and allowing you to achieve complex, multi-angle viewpoints of sporting events, wildlife photography and more.

Off-Camera Flash Trigger

Creatively light your shots to give them a unique look or effect by using an off-camera flash and a wireless receiver. This set up allows you to take control of the light, allowing you to position a flash exactly where you need for that perfect exposure. Additional receivers can be purchased separately to enable a studio-style multi-light set up, all triggered by the one wireless transmitter.

2.4GHz - Up to 100m Range

The 2.4GHz frequency enables a impressive range of up to 100m in ideal conditions. This flexibility allows you to shoot wildlife or action sports from a safe distance. It also means complex multiple flash set ups can be achieved quickly and easily, without the inconvenience and restriction of using sync cables.

Powered by AA Batteries

Powered by two AA batteries, the Hahnel Captur Remote Flash and Shutter release kit will enable you to get creative with off-camera flash and improve the sharpness and detail in your long exposure and landscape photography.

Please visit the Hahnel Website for updated camera compatibility.

  • Hahnel Captur Wireless Transmitter
  • Hahnel Captur Wireless Receiver
  • Camera Cable
  • 4x AA Batteries
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