The Godox SA-K6 6-in-1 Speedlite Accessory Kit is a complete accessory kit that includes a range of different lighting modifiers for your flash as well as coloured filters to add creativity to your lighting setup. It comes with a softbox, a mini reflector and a honeycomb grid as well as a snoot, an umbrella holder and 35 colour filters for your flash.

Includes Softbox and Flash Reflector Diffusor

A softbox helps to create a more flattering look by softening and diffusing the light. This works by increasing the size of the light source to remove shadows and distribute the light evenly. The mini reflector works like a bounce card to reduce hard background shadows and the red eye effect when capturing flash portraits.

Includes Honeycomb Grid, Foldable Snoot and Umbrella Holder

For more precise and direct light, the included honeycomb grid can be used to concentrate the light produced from your speedlite. The kit includes a fold-down snoot to dramatically focus your light, perfect for lighting small subjects. It also comes with a holder that can be used to attach a flash to a lighting stand with a slot to hold a lighting umbrella.

Includes Coloured Filters

Change the colour of your flash with the Godox 6 in 1 Flash Accessory Kit using colour filters. There are 7 different colours included: Medium Yellow, Bright Red, Just Blue, Full CT Orange, Half CT Orange, Quarter CT Orange, Full plus Green with 5 of each colour for a total of 35. The gels can be secured with the include Velcro tape for a quick setup.
  • Softbox
  • Mini Reflector
  • Honeycomb
  • Snoot
  • Speedlite Holder
  • 5 x Sticky Magic Tapes
  • 35 x Colour Filters - 7 Different Colours with 5pcs per colour
  • #010 Medium Yellow, #026 Bright Red, #079 Just Blue, #204 Full CT Orange--Color Temperature: 6500K-3200K, #205 Half CT Orange--Color Temperature: 6500K-3800K, #206 Quarter CT Orange--Color Temperature: 6500K-4600K, #244 Full Plus Green


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