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Endless Creative Possibilities

Take your photography to the next level with the Hahnel Captur Module Pro wireless universal trigger remote. Its four built-in sensors open up a range of shooting possibilities, allowing you to reliably capture everything from time-lapse sequences to ultra-high speed, split second action.

Continuous & Bulb Mode Supported

Its four built-in sensors consist of a light sensor, a sound sensor, a laser sensor and an infrared sensor with included IR Module. Each sensor can be programmed to activate the shutter when triggered and supports single shot autofocus as well as continuous shooting and bulb mode for extended exposures.

Built-in Light Sensor

The light sensor captures sudden changes in light levels. It is Ideal for automatically triggering the shutter or an external flash when trying to capture ultra-fast, split second events such as lightning or fireworks. The sensitivity can be adjusted for your specific scenarios, helping avoid false-positive activations.

Built-in Sound Sensor

The sound sensor can trigger your shutter or external flash when it detects a sound. It represents one of the few reliable ways to shoot ultra-high speed motion such as shattering glass or a popping balloon in controlled environments.

Built-in Laser Sensor

The laser sensor can be combined with a laser pointer (sold separately) to trigger the shutter or external flash when an object breaks the beam between the laser and Captur Module Pro, making it ideal for capturing sports action or remotely photographing wildlife.

Built-in Infrared Sensor + Included IR Transmitter

Similar to the laser sensor, the infrared sensor can be combined with the included IR module to remotely fire the shutter or flash when something breaks the beam between the transmitter and receiver. The Captur Module Pro and IR transmitter are each powered by two AA batteries (sold separately).

Programmable Time-Lapse Photography

A built-in intervalometer takes the guess work out of capturing stunning time-lapse sequences. With customisable values for delay, shot interval, exposure count and exposure length, the time-lapse mode adds point-and-shoot simplicity to complex interval or moving sequences.

Aux Input for 3rd Party Sensor Support

The Hahnel Capture Module Pro also features an auxiliary input port, equipping you with the ability to connect 3rd party sensors such as pressure plates or humidity and temperature sensors for more specific triggering scenarios.

Note: Cannot be used as a standalone device. Requires camera cable or Captur Receiver. Both sold separately.
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