Universal Flash Mount

Phottix have designed the Griffin to be a universal flash mounting system making it compatible with many hot shoe models flash units. The mount holds the flash horizontally securely fastened in a spring loaded clamp that is lined with a slip-resistant grip to ensure that your unit is safe and solidly attached.

Designed for Transfolder Softboxes

The Multi Mount Kit New is compatible with Phottix’s line-up of Transfolder softboxes regardless of the size. The unit is capable of supporting the PH82521 (40x40cm), PH82523 (60x60cm), PH82527 (80x80cm) softboxes.

Compatible with a Range of Light Modifiers

The kit is expandable and can be upgraded with two separate mounts (not included) to enable the use of Elinchrom and Bowens lighting modifier.

Built in Umbrella support

The Phottix Varos Pro BG New enables the kit to be attached to a lighting stand and the mount features an umbrella clamp as well as being able to tilt 180° for a custom setup. The umbrella clamp can hold an umbrella with a shaft range of 7-10mm and the mount is rated to support up to 30kg.

NOTE: Transfolder Softbox not included



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  • Phottix Cerberus Multi Mount Holder
  • Phottix Varos


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