The Hahnel Captur Timer Kit Canon is a wireless solution for both shutter and flash triggering. The kit includes a timer module and a wireless receiver that can attach to either a camera or flash unit. The timer remote allows you control your camera’s bulb mode shutter for long exposure shots and can also trigger the camera at set intervals for the creation of time-lapses images. Both trigger and receiver are powered by readily available and cost effective AA batteries.

Wireless & Wired Triggering

The timer and receiver have a wireless range of up to 100m that operates at a frequency of 2.4 Ghz to ensure fail-proof triggering and a reliable remote connection. Alternatively, the trigger and receiver can be connected to the camera and speedlight using the supplied cables.

Bulb Mode Trigger and Timer

In bulb mode cameras can shoot with shutter speeds longer than 30 seconds, allowing for a greater collection of light by the image sensor ideal for nightscapes, star trails and astro-photography. The Captur Kit allows you to set the length of time for the bulb exposure and its hands-free wireless triggering function mean you can get a blur-free shot.

Programmable Interval Timer

The Captur Timer allows you to shoot a continuous series of images with a set interval between each shot that can be combined to create a time-lapse sequence or stop motion video. The timer gives you the flexibility to set a delay before shooting, to modify the interval between shots as well as setting the total number of images.

Programmable Repeat Intervals

Looping values can also be programmed to enable repeating sequences spanning over multiple days without having to move the camera, or re-adjust settings.

Control your Camera Functions

A half-press on the Captur shutter release activates the cameras autofocus system and a full press captures an image. When the camera is set in continuous shooting mode holding the shutter release button allows you to capture a burst of shots, perfect for moving targets and quick subjects.

Large LCD Display

The Hahnel Capture Timer Module Canon features a large LCD display that provides detailed information about the remotes current settings. The backlit design allows you to use the control even in dark conditions perfect for when your shooting astro or low-light photography.

Supports More Receivers

The Captur system offers a digital channel matching function so that you can add more receivers (sold separately) with the timer module so you can trigger multiple flashes or cameras.

Release Type


Wireless Frequency

2.4 GHz

Interval Timer/Programmable


Max Timer Delay

99 h, 59 min, 59 sec

Maximum Exposure

99 h, 59 min, 59 sec

Maximum Interval

99 h, 59 min, 59 sec

Mobile Device/App-enabled


Shutter Modes

Bulb, Continuous, Single Shot

Wireless Range

100 m

Receiver Battery Requirements

2 x AA



Captur Timer - Kit Remote Control for Canon DSLR

/1300D /1200D /1100D /760D /750D /700D /650D /70D /60D / 5D /5D MK II /5DMKIII /5D MKIV /5DS/5DSR /6D /7D /7D MKII /1DS /1DSMKII /1DS MKIII /G3X /G5X /G15 /G16 /SX60 /1000D /600D /550D /500D/450D /400D /350D /300D /100D /80D /50D /40D /30D /20DS /20D /10D /1D /1D MKII/II N /III /IV /1DC/1DX /G1X /G1X MKII /G10 /G11 /G12 /SX50 /M5


Pentax: K-5 II/ K-5 Iis/ K-5/ K-7/ K-10/ K-20/ K-50/ K-100/ K-200/ K-500


Samsung: GX10/ GX20

Captur Timer - Kit Remote Control for Nikon DSLR

/D7200 /D7100 /D7000 /D5500 /D5300 /D5200 /D5100 /D5000 /D5600 /D3300 /D3200 /D3100 /D810/D800E /D800 /D750 /D700 /D610 /D600 /D500 /D300 /D300S /D200 /D90 /D80 /D70S /D5 /D4 /D4S/D3 /D3S /D3X /D2H /D2HS /D2X /D2XS /D1 /D1H /D1X /DF /P7700 /P7800 /COOLPIX A

Captur Timer - Kit Remote Control for Sony DSLR

RX100/RX100 MK II/RX100 MK III/RX100 MK IV/RX10/RX10 II/RX10 III/A58K/A58Y/NEX-3N/A7/A7II/A7R/A7R II/A7s/A7s II/A3000/A6000/A6300/A6500/A33/A3/A35/A37/A55/A57/A65/A68/A77/A77 II/A100/A200/A300/A350/A450/A500/A550/A560/A580/A700/A850/A900/A99/A5000/HX50/HX50V/HX60/HX60V/HX300/HX400/HX400V

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