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The Tokina Vista 35mm T1.5 is part of the Tokina professional series of cine prime lenses that offer high-end optical performance in a range of different camera mounts. A prime lens design reduces the number of elements required to ensure that the image sharpness and resolution performance is maximised, allowing the lens to resolve the detail required for 8K sensors.

35mm Focal Length

A 35mm lens can be used to frame medium to wide scenes, making it a highly versatile lens, and a key player in any cinematography setup. All the vista lenses from Tokina are the same size and have gear controls for focus and iris in the exact same position making switching between other Vista lenses hassle-free.

Bright T1.5 Maximum Iris

The Cinema Vista Series are large-aperture lenses that bring an impressively large-aperture with a T1.5 light transmission rating. This provides improved versatility for shooting in dark lighting conditions while also giving DP’s the ability to experiment with a creative narrow depth-of-field. The 9-bladed aperture produces an impressive roll off in the out-of-focus areas with a creamy bokeh.

8K Capable Video Resolution

With an ultra-sharp optical performance, the vista series of lenses meet the substantial resolution requirements for 8K capable sensors. Combined with a low level of distortion and a sophisticated optical construction this makes the Tokina 35mm T1.5 a razor-sharp contender for cinematic work.

Fine-tuned Focus and Iris Operation

Carefully designed to allow precise control over the manual focus and iris settings, the cine lens gives operators a smooth 300° throw rotation, for fine focus and iris control. Clearly marked imperial measurements on the lens barrel can be read from either lens of the lens, making it easy to pull focus from any position.

Full Frame Compatible

The whole Tokina Cinema vista lens range has an impressive image circle which can cover full frame sized sensors along with super 35mm, VistaVision, and micro four third format sensors.

Cinematic Quality Optical Performance

Along with the impressive resolving power, the lens has been designed with cinematographers in mind, as such the lens has virtually no focus breathing between subjects an absolute necessity for focus transitions.

Built for Professionals

The Tokina Cine Vista 35mm T1.5 lens has been specifically designed for cinematographers and professional video shooters who need to be able to trust their gear. The vista line up are constructed with a robust all-metal housing that delivers the durability required for a workhorse cinema lens.


Canon EF, MFT, Sony E

Focal Distance


Image Circle


Optical Structure

13 groups /14 elements

Sensor Size

Full Frame 35mm

Minimum Focus Distance

0.41m (16")

Maximum Macro Magnification


Focus Mode

Internal Focus System

Aperture/Iris Blades

9 Blades

Depth of Field


Filter Size


Overall Length


Canon EF Mount

145mm (139mm from mount surface)

MFT Mount

168mm (164mm from mount surface)

Sony E Mount

171mm (165mm from mount surface)

Diameter of Front Head


Maximum Diameter




Canon EF Mount


MFT Mount


Sony E Mount


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