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Godox R200 Ringflash 30Deg Kit for the AD200Pro

Introducing the 200Ws, 18cm diameter Godox Ring Flash Head designed for the AD200 and AD200Pro Pocket Flashes, extending the capabilities of these compact flashes. This ring flash delivers a soft, halo-like quality of light and captivating catchlights in your subject's eyes, enhancing the overall depth and dimension of your photographs. Equipped with a 10W modeling light offering low, medium, and high power settings, this ring light provides versatility in your lighting setup.

An electrifying new addition to the versatile AD200/AD200Pro system, the Godox R200 Ring Flash head has 200Ws of energy, providing distinctive illumination and eliminating shadows because the light source is very close to the optical axis of the lens. It provides amazing results for portraits, fashion photography, as well as for macro photography or specialty applications.

Shadowless lighting

Flash head is equipped with a 10W modeling light, so you can predict how the light will lay on your subject. Compared to a spot light source, the R200 creates a more interesting, striking look, making your subject almost shadow-free, which is often used in portrait and fashion photography. Since the R200 has a round shape, you can also get beautiful reflections in your model's eyes.


The R200 comes with a stylish storage bag for the AD200/AD200Pro body. The bag is designed so that the user can walk around and adjust parameters comfortably, even when working alone.

Godox RFT-25s Reflector

This Godox Reflector for R200 Ring Flash has a silver interior to optimize output and provides a moderate degree of directional control.

Honeycomb Grid 30deg

Featuring aluminium construction, the 30° Honeycomb Grid for R200 Ring Flash Head Reflector from Godox narrows the head's wide beam spread, eliminates spill light, and provides the directional control necessary for selective lighting.

Godox R200 CF Colour Gel Kit

The Godox R200 Colour Gel Kit contains several 21.6cm diameter filters that are a handy way to spark creativity.

Godox CB-56 Carry Bag

This Carrying Bag for R200 Ring Flash Head Kit from Godox measures 42 x 42 x 24cm to accomodate an R200 ring flash, a foldable bracket, an umbrella bracket, and a reflector during storage and transport.

  • Godox R200 Ring flash
  • Godox Honeycomb 30deg Grid
  • Godox RFT-25s Reflector
  • Godox Gel Kit
  • Godox Carry Bag


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