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Studio Lighting:

Compatible with Godox AD200 and AD200 Pro Flash

The Godox H200R Round Flash Head is designed specifically for the Godox Witstro AD200 and AD200 Pro Pocket Flash. The Round Flash Head acts like a softbox in your pocket, offering soft, even lighting effects that are ideal for use in weddings, portraits and product photography.

Perfect for Product and Portrait Photography

Delivering a flattering and gradual light fall-off the H200R Round flash head softens shadows to deliver a smooth, creamy light source that can be utilised in the studio or on-location.

4.3W LED Modelling Light

The H200R is also features a 4.3W modelling light. Powered by LED’s the modelling light can be adjusted for brightness in three increments to work with the ambient lighting in your scene. It great for previewing your shot, checking how shadows will fall and can be used as a backup video light in a pinch.

Compatible with AK-R1 Accessory Kit

Extend the versatility of the H200R head by combining it with the Godox AK-R1 Accessory Kit (sold separately). The R1 accessory kit includes barn doors, grids, a snoot, colour filters and bounce cards to really push the limit of your creative imagination.

Convenient Magnetic Attachment

The handy magnetic design attaches to the AD200 or AD200 Pro head quickly and securely. Ensuring a tight seal with no light leaks the Witstro H 200 R Round Flash Head combines consistent performance with modern convenience.



LED Modelling Lamp




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