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Perfect Illumination

The Spotlight Attachment has been optimised to provide a consistent and even circle of light, without any shifts in colour or brightness from the centre to the edge.

Sharply Shaped

Adopting a class-leading lens system to eliminate aberration, the Spotlight Attachment strikes an incredible crisp beam of light with sharp-edge projection, bringing you the extremely clear beam to shape an artistic image with unconstrained imagination.

Ultra Fun to Create

The Spotlight Attachment not only brings quality but also infinite creativity. Let's dive into the ocean of creativity with the rich light shaping system.


The built-in shutter-blade provides you with the most efficient and accurate way of control, letting you sketch the image with light, as with painters' brushes.


Insert a Gobo to create an artistic background or an intriguing pattern to interact with your subject. There's far more for you to explore.


Insert an Iris Diaphragm for upgraded intensity and control. It helps to deliver a pinpoint-focused beam of light. By Pushing the lever you can adjust the beam from spot to flood easily.


Creating an eye-catching vibe with colour gels and letting your creative juices flow.

Interchangeable Lens

19K lens is provided for creators to shape the light according to various settings. Easily interchangeable among different lenses, the Spotlight Attachment lets your creative juices flow while maintaining the highest efficiency.

Wide Compatibility

Equipped with the most popular Bowen Mount, the Spotlight Attachment opens up more creative possibilities for light creators. Dedicated to offering the best user experience, Godox recommends matching Spotlight Attachment with an LED light source with power no higher than 300W.

Versatile Scenarios

The Spotlight Attachment is designed for a variety of lighting setups. Attached to a C-stand, a Combo stand, or overhung from a grid, its sturdy build and precise design give you an ultimate reassurance of long-lasting accuracy and versatility.

  • Godox VSA-36° Spot Lens
  • Gobos
  • Spot Light Mount
  • Gobo Holder
  • Gel Frame
  • Portable Bag


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