The Jinbei 60x90cm Quick Fold Rectangular Umbrella Softbox is a professional light modifier that, when used with a lighting device, creates a rectangular beam of soft diffused light. The softened light eliminates exposure hotspots and the soft box’s rectangular design makes it perfect for side and hair lighting setups. It can be used both horizontally and vertically and the narrow width allows you the control to keep light off the background, even when shooting a full length subject.

Quick Set-Up Design

The integrated umbrella style design of the soft box allows for a quick and easy assembly with a setup taking less than 10 seconds. The umbrella soft box packs down just as easily reducing your bump out time and providing you with more shooting time in the studio.

Superior Grade Materials

Fabricated with high quality reflective and diffusion materials, the Jinbei Quick Fold Umbrella Soft Box has high quality stitching to bear the tension generated by the rods when opened. The interior is made of pro-grade omni-bounce silver reflective fabric with durable black backing. The reflective silver ensures the lighting is controlled and reflected uniformly while increasing the efficiency of your light.

Strong Durable Construction

The sturdy and lightweight metal parts have no sharp edges or rough spots. The quick fold soft box integrates the supporting struts and locking mechanism into the frame of the mounting speedring. With this innovative design you can have confidence the supporting rods and entire structure will remain protected and secure without risk of damage or loss during assembly or disassembly.

Compatible with Bowens S Mount Adapters

To provide softer light, the Jinbei Soft Box features a removable internal baffle and front translucent diffuser. The soft box is compatible with Bowens S Mount adapters, Jinbei changeable reflectors and other studio accessories. For controlled light spill, a grid can be fitted with a Velcro-style installation method.

Carry Bag Included

The Jinbei 60 x 90 cm Quick Fold Umbrella Soft Box comes with a customised bag to conveniently transport and protect the soft box when stored to ensure that it can provide you professional lighting results for many years to come.




60cm x 90cm

Internal baffle




Accepts Grids


Internal fabric


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  • Jenbei 60 x 90cm Quick Fold Umbrella Soft Box
  • Inner Diffuser
  • Outer Diffuser
  • Carrying/ Storage Bag
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