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Suits Fujifilm TTL

The EF-X500 Flash Unit is a hot shoe mounted flash compatible with the Fujifilm TTL system that is well-matched with Fuji’s X-Series cameras. It is designed to allow you to full control over the light on your subject and enables super-quick shutter speeds with a FP mode to freeze motion. It is also the first Fuji flash to offer a dust and water resistant construction to allow you to unleash your shooting potential in any weather condition.

High-speed Flash Sync FP mode

When used with compatible cameras that feature a focal plane shutter the EF-X500 Flash can be used for high-speed flash synchronisation in FP mode. This allows for taking photos with fast shutter speeds of up to 1/8000 sec which is offered in the FUJIFILM’s X-Pro2 cameras and several others in the X-Series.

Master or Slave Operation

Equipped with optical communication the flash can operate in a master or slave TTL mode and it can be used to control remote flashes wirelessly using one of four channels. With this feature you can control up to three groups of flashes by using the EF-X500 as a master, saving you time making adjustments or calculations so you can keep shooting for longer.

Weather Resistant

The flash is weather resistant and dust proof. It is therefore perfectly matched for use along with the X Series cameras that are also dust and water resistant to allow you to broaden the scope of your photographic opportunities.

Multi-Flash Mode

The EF-X500 has a Multi-Flash Through the Lens (TTL) auto function that allows for the control of multiple flashes in a variety of lighting setups whether the X-Series camera is being used within a studio or on location.

50 Metre Guide Number

With a guide number of 50 Metres at ISO 100 and 105mm (35mm equivalent) you get a powerful flash that is suitable for taking photographs in a variety of spaces and shooting scenarios.

Zoom Range of 24-105mm

The EF-X500 Flash is capable of a zoom range of 24-105mm (35mm equivalent) helping to match the focal length that is used by your lens. The in-built wide panel diffuser allows for an illumination angle of 20mm when it is in place and is useful if you want the light spread over a wide area.

Tilts and Rotates for Bounce Lighting

The EF-X500 can be tilted between 10 to 90° and it also can be rotated towards the left by 135° and the right by 180°. This ability to tilt and rotate the flash is useful for bounce lighting to properly diffuse and control the quality of the flash light used in your composition.

Built in Led Light for Illumination

There is a LED light on the flash and it is useful if you want to evenly light your subjects while shooting video footage. The LED light can be utilised as an autofocus assist light when you are shooting in areas where there is less than adequate light to ensure that your shots are in focus. It can also be used as a catch light to create portraits with beautiful light reflected in your subject’s eyes, even if your bouncing your main light to soften it.

Manual Flash Power Control

The EF-X500 allows for flash power control from full power to 1/512 of power in 1/3 stop steps and this allows you to manually set the duration for which the flash fires for even greater precision control over the flashes performance.

TTL Compensation

In the TTL mode a flash exposure compensation of plus and minus 5.0EV with 1/3-step increments is available. This allows you to conveniently modify the flash output to suit the subject allowing for comprehensive modification of your lighting setup.

Colour Temperature of 5600K

With the EF-X500 flash you get approximately 5600K of colour temperature and this helps balance daylight and create pictures with a warm tone.

Innovative Design and Leather Finish

Designed with a low centre of gravity the flash is easy to operate when mounted on the camera and has a leather finish that matches the exterior of several cameras in the X Series range.

With a host of great new features, the Fujifilm EFX 500 Flash Unit allows for extensive control over your flash lighting setup to help you take your creativity to the next level.

Flash head Guide number

Up to approx. 50 (ISO100?m)
(at illumination angle of 105mm*4)

Compatible cameras


Flash coverage

24mm-105mm *4, Auto Zoom function


90°up, 10°down, 135°left and 180°right

Colour temperature

Approx. 5600K (at full output)

FP (high speed flash sync) mode


Exposure control system

TTL, Manual, Multi-flash (Manual)

TTL compensation

-5.0EV - +5.0EV at 1/3-step increments

*This setting may not be reflected in some shooting conditions.

Manual flash power

1/1-1/512 at 1/3-step increments

*Flash settings become slightly restricted in the FP mode.

Multi-flash power

1/4-1/512 at 1/3-step increments

Firing interval (at full power and full charge)

Approx. 2.5 seconds (Nickel-hydrogen battery)

Number of flashes (at full power and full charge)

Approx. 170 times (Nickel-hydrogen battery)

Communication method

Optical transmission

Operation modes

Master (TTL / Manual / Multi-Flash / OFF)

Slave (TTL / Manual / Multi-Flash / OFF)

Communication channel

Slave unit groups

Up to 3 groups (A / B / C)

Wireless slave flash

Supported (P-MODE /N-MODE)

LED video light

Supported (built-in)

LED AF assist light / catchlight

Supported (built-in)

Reflector panel

Supported (built-in)


Supported (included)

Power source

Four AA batteries (LR6, or Ni-MH)

External power source

Battery Pack EF-BP1 (optional)


Approx. 124.0mm (H) x 67.2mm (W) x 107.3mm (D)


Approx. 380g (excluding batteries)

* Specifications subject to change by the manufacturer without notice

  • Fujifilm EF-X500 Flash
  • Soft case
  • Mini stand
  • Diffuser


* Dispatch timeframes are indications only and may vary for multiple quantities. Timeframes are updated regularly during normal business hours.