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Sony a7IV Mirrorless Camera

If you thought that the Sony a7 III was the world's most popular full-frame mirrorless camera, wait until you get a load of Sony's new camera. The Sony a7 IV full-frame camera is the natural successor to the hugely capable a7 III. The Sony Alpha 7 IV delivers the best of both worlds with stills and video recording capabilities seamlessly blended. The Sony a7 IV builds upon the solid foundation created by Sony E-mount masters such as the Sony a7S III and the flagship Sony A1. 

The Sony a7IV optimises the redesigned Exmor R CMOS sensor to deliver class-leading performance in image quality, UHD 4K 60p video with 10-bit output and of course, Sony's remarkable AF system including enhanced Real-Time Eye AF. The Sony a7 IV is a 'new camera' in more ways than one. A more apt description is that the a7IV is a revolutionary leap in camera technology. 

Redeveloped EXMOR R Image Sensor 

There's no denying that the Sony a7 IV is a powerhouse capable of creative genius in the right hands. The Sony Alpha 7 IV packs a punch with a newly developed 33MP full-frame BSI CMOS sensor. As a result, image quality, dynamic range, and vastly improved UHD 4K 10-bit video drives the appeal of the new camera. Sony took note of the feedback and experiences of the countless Sony Alpha 7 III photographers and videographers from around the world. 

The Sony a7IV image sensor is a full-frame 33-megapixel back-illuminated CMOS image sensor that capitalises on Sony's enhanced colour science. As a result, stills and video benefit significantly from vivid colour, true skin tones, exceptional image detail and up to 15 stops of dynamic range. What more could a Sony Alpha content creator ask for?

Powerful and Punchy BIONZ XR Processor

Sony develops their own in-house image processing engines to pair seamlessly with image sensors and camera functionality. The Sony Alpha a7 IV is driven by the powerful and relentless Sony BIONZ XR processing engine. It's the same image processor housed with the flagship Sony A1 professional full-frame camera. 

The Sony a7 Mark IV fully utilises the BIONZ XR processor to drive the high-level performance demanded by professional photographers and videographers. It supports every aspect of the camera's performance, including enhanced AF system speeds, relentless Real-Time Eye AF, and of course, quicker buffer-clearing for uncompressed RAW photos and recording data-dense video files with 4K 10 bit 4:2:2 sampling. What's more, it's the driving force behind the a7 IV's insane 10fps continuous shooting bursts and an ISO range of 100 to 51200. What's more, the BIONZ XR processor ensures faster startup times and quicker menu navigation. 

Reliable Real-time Tracking Autofocus

Any Sony E-mount photographer or videographer will tell you that Sony cameras have the fastest autofocus system on the market. The Sony a7 IV takes the lead from the Alpha 1's innovation in Real-Time Tracking and drives improved focus speed, accuracy and precision along with overall AF system stability and control systems. 

What's more, the Sony a7IV boasts 759 Phase Detection AF points (full-frame) and no less than 425 Contrast Detection AF points. Pair that with the 10fps continuous shooting mode, and you'll track even the most stubborn subject in motion. For that matter, you can follow almost any moving subject thanks to the a7 IV object tracking algorithms that work with human, animal and Birds Eye AF tracking. Keep pace with the fastest bird of prey or the subtle interactions with a human model thanks to configurable AF Sensitivity and Transition Speed settings. 

Intuitive Bird Eye AF Video Recording

All too often, the transition of autofocus performance from stills photography to video applications suffers. Fortunately, Sony has done the opposite and enhanced the video recording focusing system with the Sony a7 IV. The a7 IV offers high-performance autofocus features, including Animal and Birds Eye AF in video mode. As a result, you'll capture stunning and glorious 4K 60p 10-bit image resolution, detail and colour of animals on the move. It's the first time that a Sony Alpha Series body has included this exceptional level of autofocus performance. 

Utilising Real-Time Eye AF in videography is revolutionary and offers content creators the opportunity to track animals and birds without losing focus. What's more, capture video with Real-Time Eye AF in all frame rates and all available resolutions. 

Optimised Video Recording

The Sony a7 IV full-frame camera is a videographer's dream come true. What's more, it delivers features on par with cinema line cameras without the bulky size or high cost. In a nutshell, the Alpha 7 IV records UHD 4K 60p 10-bit video (Super 35) and Full HD 1080 120p. The quality and resolution are optimised thanks to the ability to shoot 10-bit 4:2:2 sampling while enjoying the benefits of manual focus or the enhanced focus breathing compensation. 

But the Sony a7 IV videography hit-list doesn't end there. It delivers professional performance and features through the support of h.265 video coding and featuring a wide range of picture profiles, including S-Log3, PP11 S-Cinetone, Hybrid Log-Gamma, All-Intra and Long GoP. What's more, it features a redeveloped Digital Audio Interface and Sony's all-new Focus Map function. 

Professional Livestream Capabilities

Being a true multi-media visual creators camera, the a7 IV is Sony's most capable live streaming camera to meet the demand for live online content. The Sony Alpha 7 Mark IV supports UHD 4K live streaming at 15p for optimal transfer speeds and image resolution. What's more, it utilises the suite of video capabilities, including complete Manual focus control or Face and Real-Time Eye AF, as well as the Creative Look and Soft Skin modes for stunning outcomes. 

Among other capabilities, the Sony a7IV's live streaming capabilities include internal audio capture and the ability to connect directly to a computer via USB or via the Sony Imaging Edge remote app. Either way, your online presence, podcasts and vlogs will appear professional and blow away your audience. 

Next-Generation Connectivity and Capacity

As the need for sharing our creative pursuits grows, so does the need for highly capable connectivity and capacity from our digital cameras. The Sony Alpha a7 IV features a range of connectivity options to share content in several ways. The Sony a7 IV's Bluetooth connectivity has significantly improved to ensure seamless smartphone pairing and stability. It was a big request from Sony users to ensure that future Alpha cameras' Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities were next-gen compatible. The Sony Imaging Edge mobile app works effortlessly with the Sony Alpha a7 IV to ensure consistent connection and reconnection. It also supports Wi-Fi image transmission to improve RAW photography transfer directly between the camera and a mobile device. 

In terms of capacity, the Sony a7IV takes the highly-efficient NP-FZ100 rechargeable battery to deliver approximately 520 shots. What's more, the camera has dual memory card slots for flexibility in storing high-resolution RAW images, JPEGs and, of course, UHD 4K video footage. Slot one supports CFexpress Type A / SD (UHS-II), and slot two supports high-capacity Slot 2: SD/SDHC/SDXC (UHS-II). The a7 IV also accommodates a full-size HDMI out port, USB Type-C, USB Micro-B, 3.5mm Microphone, and 3.5mm Headphone port. 

Hybrid Visual Creation Sensibilities

The Sony a7 IV features a redesigned mode dial to use a two-tier system to accommodate the needs of hybrid photographers/videographers in mind. The a7 IV bottom dial allows a user to select Stills, Movie and S&Q with the top dial used to change the overall mode in use. As a result, jumping from high resolution stills photography to class-leading UHD 4K video recording is a quick and seamless process. 

Pair the Sony a7 IV with any number of the stellar lineup of Sony G Master lenses to suit your creative passions. Videographers will get the most out of high-quality lenses, such as the Sony FE 24mm f/1.4 G Master Lens with its face aperture and gorgeous subject separation. It's also worth taking a look at the impressive Sony FE Zeiss Distagon T* 35 F1.4 ZA Lens with its Carl Zeiss Optics. On the flip side, photographers will appreciate the speed and image quality from the Sony FE 90mm F2.8 Macro G OSS Lens - an ideal lens for portrait photography. Alternatively, the Sony FE 70-200mm f/4 OSS G Lens is one of the best all-purpose lenses that suits sports and wildlife photography. 

Why Buy The Sony a7 IV

By now, you will no doubt agree that the Sony a7 IV is a true masterclass of hybrid full-frame camera technology. Being able to rely on the same camera for professional-level stills and video capture is the true joy of shooting with the a7 IV. Capture stunning, high-resolution 10-bit UHD 4K 60p video for professional applications akin to cinematography outcomes. Alternatively, make the most of the photography capabilities offered by the Sony a7 IV, especially high-resolution images, and Sony's industry-leading focusing system, including 759 Phase Detection AF points and Real-Time Eye AF.

Sony FE 24-105mm f/4 G OSS Lens

Incredibly Versatile 24-105mm Focal Range

An extensive focal range of 24-105mm gives you the ability to cover everything from cityscape shots to close-up portrait photos, and even mid-telephoto images to capture far away detail. This flexibility combined with the lenses constant f/4 aperture makes it one of the best travel lenses available for FE mount cameras, allowing you to fully explore your creativity without carrying extra gear.

Optical Stabilisation and Direct Drive SSM AF Motor

The all-round versatility of the lens is further enhanced with the addition of an optical SteadyShot system that keeps the lens stable for smoother video footage and sharper images. Sharp accurate focus is possible with the Direct Drive SSM Autofocus motor for quick precise performance, minimal operation noise and reduced focus breathing, making the lens perfect for both stills and video work.

Outstanding Optical Performance

17 glass elements are utilised in the optical construction of the lens, arranged in 14 groups to deliver optimal sharpness and image quality. The lens uses three ED (Extra-low Dispersion) elements to control chromatic aberration as well as four AA (Advanced Aspherical) elements that supress distortion and ensure a consistent high level of optical performance.

Advanced Lens Coatings

Designed to improve clarity and contrast when shooting in backlit and other difficult lighting situations the lens has a sophisticated Nano AR coating that controls flaring for more reliable results. The front element has also been treated with a fluorine coating to protect against finger grease and dirt and ensure that water slides off the lens without leaving streaks or marks.

Lightweight Weather Resistant Construction

The SEL24105G f4 OSS Lens has been designed to deliver excellent optical results in a robust and portable package. Perfectly matched with Sony’s ultra-portable E-mount cameras the lens is ideal for travel photographers with a robust construction that is resistant against light rain and dusty conditions.

Sony ECM-VG1 Shotgun Microphone

The Sony ECM-VG1 Electret Condenser Shotgun Microphone is perfect for professional field and studio uses. The rugged, all-metal design is ideal for boom pole or camera mounting. The included windscreen has a specially designed frame and reduces wind noise significantly.

High Quality Sound Reproduction

With a flat-and-wide frequency response of 40 Hz to 20 kHz and an excellent sensitivity of -33 dB, the microphone delivers exceptionally smooth and natural sound reproduction. The super-cardioid pickup pattern focuses on audio directly in front of the mic while minimising off-axis sound.

Innovatively Designed High Quality Windscreen

The included windscreen has a specially designed rigid internal frame that creates a gap between it and the microphone for superior wind noise reduction. A built-inlow-cut switch supresses the effects of unwanted ambient noise even further.

Compact and Extremely Lightweight

Small in size and very lightweight, the microphone maintains good balance when mounted on compact camcorders and is also well-suited for use attached to a boom pole.

Operates on External DC Power

The Sony ECM-VG1 Microphone requires external 48V phantom power to function and connects through an XLR cable (not included).

Pixel K80sp Professional Bi-Colour LED Light

The Pixel Professional LED Light K80sp Bi-Colour (3000-8000K) is an adjustable light source that is suitable for stills and video. With 600 individual LED bulbs you get a soft and even light source that can be shaped and directed with the 4 included barn-doors. These barn-doors help to control light spill while maximising light efficiency.

Professional Quality & Functionality

The brightness dimmer on the back controls the strength of the light output with small adjustments easily achieved - great for fine tuning your lighting configuration when using multiple light sources. The dial makes for quick and easy brightness adjustments and paired with 360-degree rotation and a four-leaf barndoor baffle you have a very customisable and sophisticated light source. The use of high-end LED bulbs ensures a high light output with an accurate colour temperature.

A Wide Range of Applications

With professionals in-mind, the Pixel K80SP Pro illuminates your scene with up to 22000 Lumens with a CRI (Colour Rendering Index) of 96+ for faithful reproductions of colours. This makes the Pixel K80SP LED an excellent companion for a wide range of application for enthusiasts to professionals alike. Faithful colour reproduction is important for both videography & photography whether you are recording people for interviews, shooting a wedding, or capturing objects and products. As it is the unit will fit well into the studio environment with an included power adapter but add a battery and you will be able to use this light out in the field.

Wireless Functionality

A built-in control module supports multiple lights wirelessly, permitting control of individual lights or group control. An optional remote control will also allow for wireless control from up to 50 metres away.

Solid & Versatile Construction

The metal construction provides a solid framework, especially good when taking the unit out and about with you. The included barndoors add an extra layer of protection, minimising the possibility of something damaging the front light panel. A built-in circuit and natural cooling system controls and protects the temperature, for an extended usage life of 50,000 hours.

ATF The Apprentice Light Stand - 1.9m

Rugged Aluminium Construction

The Apprentice is a fantastically versatile lighting support system. Constructed out of aluminium the rugged stand is able support a maximum load of 2.5kg. It is perfectly suited for multi-unit lighting kits enabling complete control over your lighting in the studio or on location.

3 Section Support

Fully extended it can reach 195cm with 3 separate sections to ensure stability. Featuring 2 durable locking knobs the stand is able to be lowered and raised quickly and safely.

Built-in 1/4-inch Thread

Its standard spigot head supports a broad range of lighting accessories and modifiers. The spigot also features a 1/4" thread, allowing you to attach a camera, light or other accessory directly.

Air Cushioned Action

Using an Air Cushioning system within the light stand enables the gentle lowering of equipment mounted on the stand reducing the risk of damage or injury. The extra support of the bracketed legs ensures that the system is highly stable and rock solid.

Highly Portable

The Apprentice from After The Fact packs down to a handy size of 73cm with a total weight of 1.12kg making it an ultra-light portable lighting system suitable for lights and light modifiers.

Lens Mount
Sony E
Sensor Resolution
Actual: 34.1 Megapixel
  Effective: 33 Megapixel
Image Sensor
35.9 x 23.9 mm (Full-Frame) CMOS
Image Stabilization
Sensor-Shift, 5-Axis
Capture Type
Stills & Video
Shutter Type
Electronic Shutter, Mechanical Focal Plane Shutter
Shutter Speed
1/8000 to 30 Seconds
  1/8000 to 1/4 Second in Movie Mode
Bulb/Time Mode
Bulb Mode
ISO Sensitivity
  100 to 51,200 in Manual Mode (Extended: 50 to 204,800)
  100 to 12,800 in Auto Mode
  100 to 51,200 in Manual Mode (Extended: 100 to 102,400)
  100 to 51,200 in Auto Mode
Metering Method
Center-Weighted Average, Highlight Weighted, Multi-Zone, Spot
Exposure Modes
Aperture Priority, Auto, Manual, Program, Shutter Priority
Exposure Compensation
-5 to +5 EV (1/3, 1/2 EV Steps)
Metering Range
-3 to 20 EV
White Balance
2500 to 9900K
  Presets: ATW, AWB, Auto, Cloudy, Colour Temperature,
Colour Temperature Filter, Custom, Daylight, Flash, Fluorescent
(Cool White), Fluorescent (Day White), Fluorescent (Daylight),
Fluorescent (Warm White), Incandescent, Shade, Underwater
Continuous Shooting
Up to 10 fps at 33 MP for up to 1000 Frames (Raw) / 1000 Frames (JPEG)
  Up to 8 fps at 33 MP
  Up to 6 fps at 33 MP
  Up to 3 fps at 33 MP
Interval Recording
2/5/10-Second Delay
Image Sizes
3:2 Raw
  33 MP (7008 x 4672)
  3:2 JPEG
  33 MP (7008 x 4672)
  14 MP (4608 x 3072)
  8.2 MP (3504 x 2336)
  1:1 JPEG
  22 MP (4672 x 4672)
  9.4 MP (3072 x 3072)
  5.5 MP (2336 x 2336)
  4:3 JPEG
  29 MP (6224 x 4672)
  13 MP (4096 x 3072)
  7.3 MP (3120 x 2336)
  16:9 JPEG
  28 MP (7008 x 3944)
  12 MP (4608 x 2592)
  6.9 MP (3504 x 1968)
Aspect Ratio
1:1, 3:2, 4:3, 16:9
Image File Format
Bit Depth
Internal Recording Modes
H.265/XAVC HS 4:2:2 10-Bit
  UHD 4K (3840 x 2160) at 23.98/50/59.94 fps [50 to 200 Mb/s]
  H.265/XAVC HS 4:2:0 10-Bit
  UHD 4K (3840 x 2160) at 23.98/50/59.94 fps [30 to 150 Mb/s]
  H.264/XAVC S-I 4:2:2 10-Bit
  UHD 4K (3840 x 2160) at 23.98/25/29.97/50/59.94 fps [240 to 600 Mb/s]
  1920 x 1080p at 23.98/25/29.97/50/59.94 fps [89 to 222 Mb/s]
  XAVC S 4:2:2 10-Bit
  UHD 4K (3840 x 2160) at 23.98/25/29.97/50/59.94 fps [100 to 200 Mb/s]
  1920 x 1080p at 23.98/25/29.97/50/59.94 fps [50 Mb/s]
  XAVC S 4:2:0 8-Bit
  UHD 4K (3840 x 2160) at 23.98/25/29.97/50/59.94 fps [60 to 150 Mb/s]
  1920 x 1080p at 23.98/25/29.97/50/59.94/100 fps [16 to 100 Mb/s]
External Recording Modes
4:2:2 10-Bit via HDMI
  UHD 4K (3840 x 2160) at 23.98/25/29.97/50/59.94 fps
  1920 x 1080p at 23.98/50/59.94 fps
  1920 x 1080i at 50/59.94 fps
  4:2:0 8-Bit via HDMI
  UHD 4K (3840 x 2160) at 23.98/25/29.97/50/59.94 fps
  1920 x 1080p at 23.98/50/59.94 fps
  1920 x 1080i at 50/59.94 fps
Fast-/Slow-Motion Support
Gamma Curve
HDR-HLG, Sony S-Log 2, Sony S-Log 3
Broadcast Output
Built-In Microphone Type
Audio Recording
XAVC S: 2-Channel 16-Bit 48 kHz LPCM Audio
  MPEG4: 2-Channel AAC LC Audio
Media/Memory Card Slot
Slot 1: CFexpress Type A / SD (UHS-II)
Video I/O 1 x HDMI (Unspecified Signal) Output
Audio I/O 1 x 1/8" / 3.5 mm TRS Stereo Headphone Output
  1 x 1/8" / 3.5 mm TRS Stereo Microphone Input
Power I/O 1 x USB-C Input/Output
Other I/O 1 x Sony Multi/Micro-USB Input/Output (Shared with Remote Input)
  1 x USB-C (USB 3.2 / 3.1 Gen 2) Input/Output (Shared with Power Input)
Wi-Fi 4 (802.11n), Bluetooth 4.1
Mobile App Compatible
Yes: Android & iOS
  App Name: Creators' App
  Functionality: Access Stored Files, Adjust Settings, Remote Control, Setup
Global Positioning (GPS, GLONASS, etc.)
  *Via Connected Smartphone
Display Size
1,036,800 Dot
Display Type
Free-Angle Tilting Touchscreen LCD
Built-In Electronic (OLED)
3,680,000 Dot
Eye Point
23 mm
Approx. 0.78x
Diopter Adjustment
-4 to +3
Focus Type
Auto and Manual Focus
Focus Mode
Continuous-Servo AF, Direct Manual Focus, Manual Focus, Single-Servo AF
Autofocus Points
Phase Detection: 759
  Contrast Detection: 425
Autofocus Sensitivity
-4 to +20 EV
Flash Modes
Auto, Fill Flash, Hi-Speed Sync, Off, Rear Sync,
Red-Eye Reduction, Slow Sync
Maximum Sync Speed
1/250 Second
Flash Compensation
-3 to +3 EV (1/3, 1/2 EV Steps)
Dedicated Flash System
External Flash Connection
Shoe Mount
Operating Temperature
32 to 104°F / 0 to 40°C
Storage Temperature
-4 to 131°F / -20 to 55°C
Battery Type 1 x NP-FZ100 Rechargeable Lithium-Ion, 7.2 VDC, 2280 mAh (Approx. 520 Shots)
Shoe Mount 1 x Intelligent Hot Shoe
Tripod Mounting Thread 1 x 1/4"-20 Female (Bottom)
Accessory Mounting Thread 1 x on Camera Body
Material of Construction
Magnesium Alloy
Dimensions (W x H x D)
13.13 x 9.64 x 7.98 cm
0.658 kg (With Battery, Recording Media)
SONY FE 24-105mm F/4 G OSS LENS  
Focal Length 24 to 105mm  
Maximum Aperture f/4  
Minimum Aperture f/22  
Lens Mount Sony E  
Lens Format Coverage Full-Frame  
Angle of View 84° to 23°  
Minimum Focus Distance 1.25' / 38 cm  
Maximum Magnification 0.31x  
Optical Design 17 Elements in 14 Groups  
Diaphragm Blades 9, Rounded  
Focus Type Autofocus  
Image Stabilization Yes  
Filter Size 77 mm (Front)  
Dimensions (ø x L) 0.834 x 1.133 cm  
Length at Maximum Extension 15.75 cm  
Weight 0.663 kg  
Capsule Type Mono Electret Condenser  
Frequency Response 40 Hz to 20 kHz  
Directivity Uni-directional (super-cardioid)  
Sensitivity -33 dB ±3 dB (0 dB = 1 V/Pa, at 1 kHz)  
Output Impedance 60O±20%, Balanced (at 1 kHz)  
Dynamic Range 107 dB or more  
Signal-to-Noise Ratio 76 dB or more (A-weighted, 1 kHz, 1 Pa.)  
Inherent Noise 18 dB SPL or less (0dB SPL = 20µ Pa.)  
Induction Noise from External Magnetic Field 0 dB SPL (0dB SPL = 20µ Pa.)  
Wind Noise 45 dB SPL or less (with windscreen)(0 dB SPL=20µ PA)  
Maximum Input Sound Pressure Level 125 dB SPL (0 dB SPL = 20µ Pa.)  
Connector XLR-3-12C (male)  
Mic Cable XLR 3-pin Cable Required (Not Supplied)  
Power Requirements External, DC 40 V to 52 V  
Dimensions 2 x 21 cm  
Mass Approx. 0.066 kg  
Model K80SP  
LED Beads 600pcs  
Input Power AC: 110-240V 50/60Hz  
DC: 14-18V 5A  
Power 45W  
Colour Temperature 3000-8000K  
Lumen 22000 Lumen  
CRI: 96+  
Adjust Range Stepless 1%-100%  
Temperature Protect Yes  
Power Source Power Adapter (or optional Sony Style NP-F Lithium Battery x 2)  
Bulb Life 50,000Hrs  
Size 24.9×24.1×2.5 cm  
Weight 1.3kg  
Max Load 2.5kg  
Material Aluminium  
Leg Sections 3 Sections, 2 riser numbers  
Cushion Type Air  
Max Height 195cm  
Folded Length 73cm  
Weight 1.12kg  

* Specifications subject to change by the manufacturer without notice

  • Sony A7 MK IV Bundle includes 24-105mm Lens, Microphone, Light and Stand
  • Rechargeable Battery NP-FZ100
  • AC adaptor
  • Shoulder strap
  • Body cap
  • Accessory shoe cap
  • Eye- piece cup
  • USB-A to USB-C cable (USB 3.2)
  • Sony FE 24-105mm f/4 G OSS Lens
  • Hood (ALC-SH152)
  • Lens front cap (ALC-F77S)
  • Lens rear cap (ALC-R1EM)
  • Case
  • Sony Lightweight Shotgun Microphone ECM-VG1
  • Windscreen
  • Stand adaptor
  • Mic Spacer
  • Mic Holder
  • XLR3P to XLR3P Microphone Cable
  • K80S LED light
  • Clear Filter
  • Power Adapter
  • User Manual(English)
  • The Apprentice Light Stand

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