Made for professionals, the Sennheiser HD Pro 280 headphones have a robust, closed-back construction with an around-the-ear design for maximum comfort and sound isolation. With soft ear-cups, aggressive noise isolation and an accurate frequency response of 8 Hz to 25 kHz they are the perfect headphones for long work sessions when comfort is just as important as quality.

Super Comfortable Design

Constructed with a super comfy around-the-ear style, the headphones sit snugly over the top of your ears and have a closed back design that creates a seal for up to 32 dB of passive noise attenuation to reduce background noise for optimised clarity when it counts.

High Resolution Sound Reproduction

The headphones are capable of accurate sound reproduction with a high level of audio detail abd boast a maximum sound pressure level (SLP) of 113dB. With a frequency response of 8 Hz to 25 kHz they can produce high fidelity audio with incredible level of accuracy, so you can be confident that what you’re hearing is exactly as it sounds.

Durable and Robust Construction

A rugged design ensures that the headphones are made to last and comfortable to wear for long periods of time. With rotating ear-cups for easy single-ear listening and a collapsible design they are incredibly versatile and super easy to take with you wherever you go.

Included 1/4-inch Adapter and Coiled Cable

The Sennheiser HD280 Pro closed-back headphones come with a 1.3m coiled cable that stretches to a maximum of 3 meters. They also include a 3.5mm mini jack plug and an adapter that converts the mini jack to a standard 1/4-inch jack, so you can connect to a wide range of devices like portable music players or computers as well as professional audio equipment.


Dynamic, circumaural, closed-back

Frequency Range

8 Hz - 25 kHz

Sound Pressure Level

102 dB SPL/mW



Nominal Impedance

64 Ohms

Load Rating

500 mW

Contact Pressure

6 N


1/8" (3.5 mm) stereo mini plug with screw-type 1/4" (6.35 mm) adapter

Cable Length

3 m (coiled)


220 g (without cable)

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  • Sennheiser Headphones HD 280 Pro
  • 1/4-inch Adapter


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