Keeps your Gear Dust Free and Optically Clear

The VSGO Filtered Air Blower features a simple yet effective filtration solution to keep your photography gear clean and dust-free and optically pristine.

Innovative Filtration System

Its innovative design uses a one-way filter that captures dust to ensure it is not inhaled into the blower and released back into your mirror box, sensor or lens.

Removable Filter Design

The filter can be removed for cleaning, ensuring it remains effective for the life of your cameras and lenses.

14 Breeze Channels

The Pro design differs from its standard filtered sibling thanks to its fourteen breeze channels which when combined with the larger air reservoir offers 3.5 times the air intake volume of its smaller sibling. This translates to a much stronger output of air for more efficient cleaning.

Includes Short & Long Nozzles

The Pro version also includes both short and long nozzles. The short is perfect for lenses and general dust blowing, while the longer snout is ideal for sensors, mirror boxes and getting into tight nooks and crannies.

Suitable for Beginner and Professionals

The VSGO Pro Filtered Blower is an ideal choice for beginner and professional photographers and videographers thanks to its effective capability to clean a broad range of photographic equipment.

VSGO Pro Filtered Air Blower (V-B02E)


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